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  1. Probably, used to walk past the pictures and the Chip Inn was on the left near the Boars not far from the Sandwich and Pastie shops There was a new office block further along where we used to sit on the steps, eat our fodder and talk the usual rubbish
  2. it was the Golden Lion in my time! Remember chatting up a lass in the Chip Inn next to the Boars at the end of a night. Told her I worked on the rigs as an underwater bricklayer togged up in a diving suit putting the footings in. Her mate asked my pal what he did, he replied he was my hod carrier 🙂
  3. We all now need drone armies like in Terminator
  4. Takes his wages as long as he can despite being as popular as a fart in a space suit... bit like me
  5. I knew a lad from Bolton who could fill a pint pot with sinus gunge from his nose on a session... his initials weren't A.T. by any chance?
  6. Been thinking about this one, she's probably so used to not talking to you over Christmas after you rolling home after the works do in that "disgusting state" with a half eaten kebab in your pocket, telling her you love her and suggesting that threesome with her younger sister or neighbour... subconsciously she knows that big do isn't going to happen and she needs an excuse not to talk to you until New Year as usual.. hence the trap
  7. Rock & a hard place Buy her nowt and get a bollocking, buy her summat and get a bollocking. Only one thing's certain... you'll get a bollocking. It's called marriage
  8. My cousin had the Boars Head on Churchgate until it burned down. it was a trendy pub in it's day and the meeting place for many a night's session. I always preferred the smaller pubs like the Millstone and Alma, are they still there?
  9. The long term plan is to get Just Jane flying again but Covid has hit the finances... hopefully one day we'll see the old bird in the sky. We lost Percy to cancer a few years ago and have placed a memorial plaque to him at the Bomber Command Memorial in Lincoln.
  10. Dimron


    Was that Ice Man Philliskirk stepping up for our Pen? Separated at birth?
  11. It was a works outing including a couple of Everton fans and we all stood together
  12. I stand corrected. When I googled the number I thought it seemed a lot. It was rammed when I went an Everton game in the 70s
  13. Got a deer stuck in my fence recently, went out and thought it was a Muntjac and didn't fancy those tusks but thankfully it was a bambi and I could release it without getting gashed.
  14. I feel for you, I was all set up, I did shit loads of work on football grounds including the Reebok and then things started going wibble because I took my eye off the financial ball. These days I really can't be bothered with all the cunts and now work for a previous competitor on a PAYE basis but he is getting fed up with me although I run a tight ship. As I've said previously never ever be afraid to ask for your money... you have earned it and you have mouths to feed.
  15. 70,000 was the capacity of BP so dividing this by four sides and adding say one third for the larger area gives 24.000
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