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  1. Only one setting on mine, same with the iron and hoover... she hasn't changed since I married her
  2. First Oldham game i've ever looked forward to. About to tuck into home made Paella,,,, SH would be proud
  3. Bits of a Fireball landed north of Cheltenham on Sunday. (Steve Zodiac RIP?) Sounds like a big 'un, anyone breaking Covid rules to go and hunt for the bits of iron stone? I read it was 1991 when one like this last came down near Peterborough.
  4. 8 pints of Willies and a game of Killer in Bowler, Pudding and Chips on way home, who could ask for more? Ken used to sell Fullomeat Puddings and Pies from Hypatia Street until they got closed down after a rat drowned in the gravy.
  5. Bowler was my local in those days and Ken Yates' on Ainsworth Lane at last orders. Bob was alright
  6. Trying to get my head around why the BAME lot aren't coming forward and I feel its about trust, why shouldn't the NHS share info with the Home Office? If the BAME stick their heads above the parapet then their residency or the residency of a loved one could be challenged; I don't blame them. I went to a funeral pre-lockdown of an Asian bloke who served as a driver in the 7th Royal Tanks in WW2 and never since dared to go overseas including visiting family in case he would never be allowed back. I feel an amnesty might be the answer, Get the UK Jab and you can stay in the UK
  7. I think this has something to do with Windrush. What if the NHS shared the information with the wicked witch at the Home office? Should we now go down the road of amnesties for illegal residents to get the vaccination programme over the line?
  8. Hope you get away with it, they are so focussed on the process they probably won't turn you away. They can't manage hiccups. Told the missus I have flu symptoms tonight so I can crack open the whiskey but so far no side effects.
  9. But it sounds like he had a medical condition which must be a pisser. Being brought up on puddin & chips and Boddies has given me a strong constitution
  10. Intrigued by this. Went along today and presented my letter but I noticed I was the only one in my vicinity who did this, seems that they only need your NHS number. I was asked for my DoB three times but would they have kicked me out as I had an appointment number? I think not as they just wanted to keep the work flow, I remarked I hadn't seen so many people in one place for at least one year. Did you actually get a jab?
  11. She was good for the time, as was Churchill in his. I liked the late 70s, lots of good old piss artistry and although the country had gone to shit we still enjoyed ourselves
  12. Shocked me as well, I'll be 65 this year. Got to keep on going, no way will I retire, getting under the skin of the fkkrs keeps me alive, only illness I have diagnosed to date is being a bipolar psychotic and manic murderous depressive but I've been like that since I was 16. Keep going, keep going, defy the bastards is what I say
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