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  1. We did Mick Herron the "Slough House" the other day... better written than the earlier Mick Herron IMO. The Spy & The Traitor by Ben Macintyre is a crackin' read. My year included "V2" by Robert Harris, good historical novel but not up there with "Munich" Also William Ryan's the "12th Department", pretty bloody like the others in the series. An interesting little read (you can do it in one sitting) must be "The Order of The Day" by Eric Vuillard covering the diplomatic build up to WW2 Cheer Up Peter Reid.. I must admit to scan reading most of the Everton stuff but
  2. Agreed Its still in our hands
  3. Stuck with Radio Cumbria commentary. They are rating Dapo, Doyle and Santos. Described Dapo leaving their defence "breathless"
  4. I know early on what sort of game we're going to have from the early touches at the back.
  5. Still reasonably in our hands. Two home wins and two away draws should scrape it hopefully, an away win on top of the home wins should ensure promotion...
  6. Dimron


    Martinez? Whoever it may be, now is the time to jump on the Galactico Bandwagon... Brendan Rogers is stuck on the outside and is ambitious
  7. The ban on tobacco advertising in sport was circumvented by Bernie Eccleston sticking a mill into the Labour Party. The PM only came out in support today because that what his morning briefing notes tell him... the red wall oiks like football because its working class. Its going to happen, too much money involved
  8. Got married in Cambridge and a load of my loony football and motor biking mates turned up for a reunion....
  9. I was completely ratted by the way. spent the honeymoon in debit
  10. Unfortunately its about the fat cats parking their £100 million yachts by Tower Bridge on match day, let them go is what I say, it'll be in everyone's' interest (except Sky)
  11. Okay I got that bit wrong (again my perception of history can be lacking) but my point is that it isn't about performances but the big business owners carving things up on the basis of money and fanbase. Who could possibly imagine we are going to have a world cup in the middle of the Arabian desert in air conditioned bubbles? If that can happen, anything can and the timing of this announcement makes me suspicious. It's all about the Chinese betting market
  12. After the Qatar World Cup football will go completely global and (thankfully) we can then concentrate on our own leagues without this canker
  13. If there isn't a big 6 in the PL than maybe Blackburn should be included as they won the first PL title. All about the big city football club businesses divvying up with the on line bookies, you can't stop it
  14. I've just done my 40th wedding anniversary. First dance was Friggin' in the Rigging by the Sex Pistols Does that count?
  15. I recall fans saying the proposed "super league" wasn't going to happen but it did and became the Premier League. They will forget their local fanbases, this is about global betting and tv rights, Liverpool v Barca will be played at the White Sox stadium and so on. It'll be good for the remaining clubs, I have a friend who has late in life abandoned Liverpool and now watches his local league club because he can't get hold of overpriced tickets
  16. They've been on about it for yonks. Tell them to fick off and good riddance, it should make the Premier League more playable. I recall Gartside promoting a Prem A & B, I see this as the Prem A and invitation only
  17. I've just finished the bit where they went to recover the Russian body they left in the back of the car to find it surrounded by the local Doggers... never happened to James Bond 🙂
  18. Nope Our spymaster is overweight, puts his feet on the desk with his toes poking through his socks, drinks whiskey, smokes high tar cigarettes, lives on chinese takeaways and farts and belches a lot. His team are all secret service no hopers and usually muck everything up and have to endure his sarcasm, in one book they were keeping an eye on an obvious Nigel Farage clone but accidentally killed him.
  19. not slobbish enough... I'd imagine there'd be a few contenders on here
  20. Read somewhere there is going to be a TV series... bagsy playing Jackson Lamb 🙂
  21. Agreed Too late for tinkering now. Play our game to our strengths
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