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  1. My position exactly. Until last season I'd always taken a kindly approach to clubs in difficulties thinking "there but for the grace of God ...". Well, last season it was us, & Bury of course and we watched no-mark clubs with no history jump all over us. No sympathy, no respect, no sense of ethics whatsoever. Peterborough, Lincoln, Doncaster & a good few others willing to chuck us to the wolves for the sake of very short term advantage. So fck 'em. All of them. If you need a favour go fck yourselves. Oh, & Newport broke Chungie in a pre-season 'friendly' and never ut
  2. It really doesn't meet the requirements of fulfilling your season, does it. Their pitch is their responsibility so make it playable, or forfeit.
  3. Lost 2-1 to Peterborough today having conceded 2 in the last 10 minutes. Dodoo played 90m, Clough bench-warmed for 90m and Proctor nowhere to be seen. Regrettably the bottom of that league is as tight as a very tight thing.
  4. Well, to be strictly accurate, he's a Leeds fan.
  5. Has Henshaw been shagging some of the wives, &/or daughter or sons (!) of some posters on here ? The vitriol is amazing.
  6. Me. It was humour. Clearly some fall on stoney ground. I'm too good for this place.
  7. Unless injured ... & he in the traing ground photo's yesterday ... this will be a test of Maddison's character. Personally I hope he passes the test. I want to see the lad succeed. He could spend some of his time on tattoo removals.
  8. Good to see Siân Massey is amongst the lowest paid.
  9. I assume, unforseen issues notwithstanding, we can actually sign in-contract players, pay fees and even accept dealing with Agents again from June or so ? I'm not after returning to mishandling our finances, but it would open up new options. John is out of contract in the summer. I guess all depends on his geographical preferences and other club's interest in him. He can certainly do better than Div.4 and Chamionship would pay more than we could currently afford. If, say, Bristol City came in for him what chance would we have !
  10. That almost says "yeah, you lot pissed & moaned when we gave the Spanish exclusive rights, so this time we didn't. Now you can see why we did ... you moaning fckg know-nowts."
  11. Billy Crellin Oh, how we'll laugh.
  12. "They're no mugs this lot !" ©️ Well, tbh I hope they are.
  13. Jamie Mascoll has left the building to join Waterford on loan. He played 9 games all told. The 'loan' must be limited as he's on a one year contract here. I doubt he's coming back. A lot of "he's come from Wycombe & they're above our level" on his arrival, added to the ubiquitous "he's extremely fast" he was surely a Tobias pick. He'd played 4 times for Wycombe and no games at Charlton in an earlier point in his career. Hope he settles in Ireland. Would this free space & money for Joel Lynch ?
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