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  1. Deccy boy is far too good for this division
  2. What is this madness. Winning without GNAH
  3. Scunt are in top form -- 4 wins in a row. However, GNAH going to destroy Taftsy. 4-0.
  4. Masssive win. GNAH always delivers
  5. Is the casual firm CS Crew still alive and kicking.
  6. Hick, Mask, Greenidge was surely Pheonix signings. White did fantastic job for Ian Evatt's Barrowcelona but somehow was a major flop at Bolton. What happened is something mysterious -- only GOD knows. Billy Boy was good signing for Evatt-ball on paper but his mental game is not up to Professional football -- at least yet. Gordon -- potential signing, likely a Evatt signing, but in the end, not good enough for the demanding Wing-Back role. Comley is a enigma. Played good football at Colchester, Advanced Stats looked good. No idea why he has been so shit. Elbouzedi squad
  7. Tuttey was Pheonix money-ball signing thats why he not in consideration
  8. Does 'bank have Corona Virus or why is Gethin back in.
  9. DARCY was one of the best performers in that bizarre drill where they carried the ball with their hands. And still not even on the subs bench..
  10. They are a compact, hard working side with some quality players. Chris Lines controls the midfield and David Stockdale between the sticks is far too good for this tinpot division. However, final result 2-0 by the grace of GNAH.
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