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  1. Hi Guys & Gals We have a raffle running at the moment in Bolton Wanderers Remembrance group, around 20 numbers left, i doubt you will ever see one of these again match worn and framed Match worn BEN Shirt
  2. I have started a new topic hope its ok with the admins cheers.
  3. After many members request about where we can send a donation to help the group do what it does, we have decided to launch a membership scheme, The cost will be £5 a year with the option of purchasing a commemorative badge for £5 and 5% for membership and 10% with badge of any item on our merchandise page, or partners offers, our brand new web site is currently under construction which will have a shopping page on there to buy anything from keyrings clothing prints, Bolton beer, memorabilia etc etc… The badge is attached to this post and all monies must be sent to the account below please sta
  4. i still visit this forum daily and mention in all our streams, The idea of the membership is to help us do what we do which most of you are aware we help our own with funeral cost, donations, wreaths, addiction, mental health etc etc the group is now getting very big to the point of being on national tv and radio and we have running cost our time is free and every penny made goes to helping our own, a membership scheme will be a massive help to us and at £5 a year with the optio to but a commemorative badge each year added to that 10% discount of or new shopping page coming shortly and the cha
  5. John Mcgovern Sundays stream, Q&A group and you tube live any comments head over to q&a group and pop them in there cheers
  6. This week we have a stream with a absolute football icon and legend, 2 European cups, numerous other winners medal for various competitions and of course played and managed Bolton wanderers, trust me theres some fascinating story’s and you do not want to miss this stream. As usual leave any questions or comments for Haguey to read out and if your liking our Streams pop over to our you tube channel and like and subscribe, also don’t forget we are looking for sponsors of our streams and if you would like to help us do what we do then go to our donation site, Thanks tinyurl.com/bwfc
  7. Jeff Chandler re-run Sunday 21/02 @ 20.00, at members request, any questions or comments would be brilliant, we have also added a new feature where you make a comment or ask Jeff a question via a video message just send to me via the face book page or e mail to bwfcremembrancegroup@gmail.com Thanks. Facebook & You Tube- Bolton Wanderers Remembrance Group http://www.bwfcrg.co.uk
  8. Robbie savage stream now being streamed at 8.00 16/02 hope to see you all there ...
  9. Robbie Savage tom lads n lasses lets have a few ? and comments ill give the forum a shout out COYFWM https://www.facebook.com/groups/www.bwfcrg.co.uk Rest of this months guests Jeff Chandler ( Jeff was our very first stream and we didnt do him justice so re doing at members requests) John Mcgovern
  10. Robbie Savage Live 14/02/21 any questions or comments for robbie let me know or better still join us live and ask, i gave the froum a shout out on the last stream. https://www.facebook.com/groups/www.bwfcrg.co.uk
  11. theres already one at the ground, the lads want a flag for events and matches
  12. alpeters59

    The 33

    Just posted this up in my groups hope its ok to post in here. https://www.paypal.com/pools/c/8wMOWCEYNx?fbclid=IwAR2yjEcRRiQ8jlT8yiSu0-cvB0W-8HRam4RpS1AgWVqlZTcGLiwAHdJ95eY The football community never ceases to amaze me this is coming from a Chelsea Supporter one word #RESPECT. Steven Green Ok all here goes after testing the water to see if there was enough interest in having a Giant Banner made to Remember those that lost their lives in the Burnden Disaster there was a resounding yes so I have set up a PayPal donation page just a couple of quid each would
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