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  1. got a few butterflies for this one but going 1-3
  2. hate it when they change like this, i have to work until 2.30
  3. not the best of games today but we wanted 3 points and we got them, a week to recover now and hopefully back to our best next time out
  4. agree with this, it's exciting times i'm gutted we only drew today we deserved all 3 points but i still feel confident we'll be somewhere in the top 7 come the end of the season
  5. agree i thought Oldham got into the game more after he went off but everyone did well
  6. glad of the 3 points but that was a painful watch, need to up our game big time
  7. congratulations on your new arrival
  8. liking this happy feeling 🍺
  9. in for rest of season for me
  10. more of a reader than a poster to be honest but looking forward to joining in
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