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  1. please stop quoting the miserable WUM i have him on ignore. Although thanks for reminding me why. 3rd in league going for promotion and all he wants to do is bring up games against Crewe that are now completely irrelevant. Might as well be terrified of playing Accrington again.
  2. Tin pot twats that pitch was atrocious. Must have been a few Bolton milling around outside mentioned by their commentators
  3. Right couple of twonks they were. Every Bolton foul a yellow card or penalty every Salford challenge fair game. They even said the Bolton fans outside would be cheering the ref. Grudging admiration at end though. Well if you are as good as you think you are should be no problem beating Tranmere for us eh? Cheers Scallies
  4. lads got problems better just leave it at that and move on
  5. i think we are better off playing promotion chasing teams. Yesterday's results mean its not just one play off place realistically up for grabs - Exeter, Bradford, Carlisle, Orient even Port Vale, Crawley & Stevenage wont give up yet. Worst opponents for us (and our rivals) at this stage of season are those with 'nothing to play for' like Harrogate and then the park the bus types who can settle for a draw if needbe We can beat any team that needs to get a result against us I'm confident ! COYW we can do this
  6. To be fair he was clobbered about 3 times but did make most of it rolling about especially 3rd one when he was clutching his head (or maybe headband) for some reason. When all said and done IE took a risk and started him and it didnt work out. Im not sure we can blame systems or playing styles either. Whatever style we are playing you need to be able to get past opponent's and pass the ball to a team mate. Which he failed to do time and again and absolutely no sign of his prowess in dead ball situations . Not about scapegoating or picking on him he was a liability and has been ever
  7. Did you hear Clinton Morrison on Quest after the Irish guy called Browny fashionable? pmsl
  8. sorry victor i was just happily gazing at the table
  9. imagine theres no meldrew no ratchet man too no doyle to cheer for and no 63 too. imagine all the people giving Evatt praise
  10. Aye that was a superb save before the o.g. and solid again
  11. Yes indeed. Gethin Jones i honestly watch a different match
  12. aye should have been dropped
  13. Oh and you can keep The Maverick I will take the lad from Longridge every day of the week!! Horwich???
  14. Well done. I apologize to Isgrove. If Jimmy Piddle had anything about him hed apologise to Doyle! one half with 2 goals as well Piddle!
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