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  1. Sweep

    In Or Out Again

    Let's be honest. Nobody would ever go on one of the marches. I know Miami pretends he does, but he's far to intelligent to get involved in that sort of shit. Folk who march are either racist, simple or clinging on to some sort of hooligan youth. All you need to do is look at them. Even this FLA mob couldn't wait to kick off last week. They're just a bunch of frustrated 45+ year olds who need something to do now that FV is out of fashion
  2. Sweep

    In Or Out Again

    Correct. We're leaving and we need to get on with it. Marching....ridiculous. Those who want to reverse the vote have to piss off, the country decided. Absolute scrotes like Antifa and FLA need to also get a grip and do something a bit more constructive with their time.
  3. Sweep

    In Or Out Again

    Not one single sane person in the country thought the whole £350m bit was true. Basic economics told you it was bollocks... Even piss poor maths tells you it's in excess of 18B a year. Not one single person believed that we sent that out with no return (other than Mounts and Bolty)
  4. Sweep

    Football Lads Alliance

    That's not balance, it's got fuck all to do with it surely
  5. Sweep

    Skills You Once Had.

    I used to be able to do that, but an aged cutter means I generally end up shitting myself before I get to "G" if I'm applying too much pressure/force
  6. Sweep

    Todays Games

    I'd expect him to get loads, it's shitter than Scotch football that A-League
  7. Sweep

    Football Lads Alliance

    Yes, I had the pleasure of being there for set up, and the 2 day event
  8. Sweep

    In Or Out Again

    I know you all think it's going really well at the minute, and we're going to get an absolutely brilliant deal in the next few weeks - but surely this talk of a "softer" Brexit deal can't be filling you with confidence that we're going to get every single thing that you "predicted" passed through. If it's going to be softer than the Chequers deal, then even.....surely......you'll concede that it's not brilliant, and probably won't be anything like what a lot of the "leave" side wanted initially
  9. Sweep

    In Or Out Again

    Would we bollocks, have you seen the fuckwits running the country, they're incapable of sorting anything out in "no time flat"
  10. Sweep

    Football Lads Alliance

    Indeed, 3 days there was enough. What a grim place
  11. Sweep

    Turkey Hols?

    Don't touch the money or eat the food
  12. Sweep

    Football Lads Alliance

    I've been in Coventry for the last few days (grim). Got speaking to a bloke today, who to be fair was quite sound for about ten minutes, he mentioned he'd been on 3 FLA marches (I thought there had only been two), anyway I said why did it kick off at the weekend. His response was that Antifa caused the kick off, but they were pleased as they knew it was coming, and Antifa have been itching for a scrap. He also took pleasure in saying that Portsmouth fans had given them a good hiding (allegedly) It was all good fun really, but I said surely it goes against what FLA is all about....... He laughed back and said FLA is pretty much about old boys going on the piss and nothing else, it's just handy that hating Muslims is in vogue as it gives him a good excuse. He's clearly a prick, but saying stuff like that, in a crowded hotel bar doesn't help things really. Anyway, I reminded him his clubs' ground was know owned by Wasps RU, and he should be more worried about his club having a ground than if Muslims lived here.... And he advised me I'm clearly a paki lover because I come from Bolton How we laughed. When they then refused to serve him and turfed him out of the hotel
  13. Sweep

    In Or Out Again

    Spitfires Spider, we'd need more Spitfires Perhaps a war would be good for the economy, especially if we buy all the missiles and bombs and shit from UK companies
  14. Sweep

    Homeless Help X

    He got off his tits on spice, and then bummed a tramp in a skip. Not much different to what he does most Monday nights really
  15. Sweep

    In Or Out Again

    He knows that full well. He also knows that we'll concede "visa free travel" for EU Nationals as well, which will still see them come in unchecked

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