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  1. Sweep

    Donald Dead Cat On Is Head Trump

    Is it really worth pointing out?
  2. People who just Google or use Wikipedia to pretend they're really clever, when they're just people with loads of time on their hands who feel the need to feel superior
  3. Too many words there Mr B.... Just "retired people" will do
  4. Nobody has gravy on fish, nobody.
  5. Folk saying "which" instead of "that"
  6. Sweep

    Donald Dead Cat On Is Head Trump

    He's a dick. Deffo 4 more years
  7. Sweep

    In Or Out Again

    some of that's true....but not 17M, some had other reasons for wanting to leave. They weren't all thick owd racists and paupers, only some of them
  8. Sweep

    In Or Out Again

    there were lies on both sides, let's be honest about it - both sides were telling fuck off massive whoppers
  9. Sweep

    In Or Out Again

    True, Dyson was pushing for us to enter the Euro, saying we'd go to shit if we didn't go in it
  10. Folk who are in the queue at a butty shop or chippy, just in front of you, queue up for 10 minutes or so, and then when they get asked what they want, then decided to look at the board and work out what they want. Cunts them type of folk are. Also, private registration plates for cars, no normal/sane person would fork out extra money for something they don't need surely? - especially when it makes you look like a massive show off bell end
  11. Sweep

    Terror Attacks

    LBC today, plenty of Muslim types ringing in saying she shouldn't be allowed back at all, and she's not representing all Muslims. Just saying
  12. Sweep

    In Or Out Again

    certainly didn't, but it's hardly a fantastic state of affairs at present is it
  13. Sweep

    In Or Out Again

    He is bonkers that bloke. The flag was clearly put there by the camera crew for effect. The bloke is a vegan and bears more than a passing resemblance to Corbyn, the fucking wierdo. As mentioned before, get osme food shortages in, let's "thin out" the scummers and old biddys with a bit of starvation, we'll be far stronger as a nation if we can easily bump off a million or so impoverished old codgers and benefit cheats
  14. Sweep

    Tight Arse Valentines Day Club

    £8 is more than enough if you know where to go
  15. Sweep

    Signed Bolton Home Shirt 2018/19

    one of you better ideas Mr Casino

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