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  1. Sweep

    Donald Dead Cat On Is Head Trump

    It's all a conspiracy being driven by the Hollywood elite this...... Some would have you believe
  2. Sweep

    Terror Attacks

    Don't be tarring me with the leftie brush mate. I'm quite happy disliking everybody
  3. Sweep

    Terror Attacks

    Cheese asked first
  4. Sweep

    In Or Out Again

    I agree, nowhere near as close as people thought it might be.
  5. Sweep

    Chelsea Race Row

    She's filth, she'd sort you right out, and then cook you a decent full English in the morning. Like Eileen Grimshaw would.
  6. Sweep

    The Supporters Trust

    That's because they never existed
  7. Sweep

    Terror Attacks

    France is properly fucked, it really is
  8. Sweep

    In Or Out Again

    Fair enough, it'll be interesting to see if he keeps his job next time around
  9. Sweep

    In Or Out Again

    Out of interest, why does Khan bother you so much? You don't live in London do you?
  10. Sweep

    In Or Out Again

    No. Mounts has said that won't happen. The EU will come crawling back with a good deal soon enough
  11. Sweep

    In Or Out Again

    So the EU have sent May back home, telling her the deal on the table is as good she's getting..... Good luck to her trying to get that through now
  12. Sweep

    In Or Out Again

    I agree, he should be paid more, but that's a different argument
  13. Sweep

    Chelsea Race Row

    I agree, nobody will face charges for racism. A few might get banned, but them Chelsea reserve the right to ban who they want (and they'll want to be seen to be doing something), even without giving a reason. I don't think a can of worms will be opened, as by tomorrow, nobody will give a fuck about this story anymore
  14. Sweep

    Decent Podcasts

    I presume that you still do a Nature Boy strut with whilst wearing a feather boa every now and then though. Wooo!
  15. Sweep

    Chelsea Race Row

    perhaps people off camera were also shouting racist abuse.....you;d like to think they wouldn't just rely on the single video that has gone public, and would be using their own CCTV as well, to weedle out this sort of scummer

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