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  1. Eh? Don't most people watch the weather forecast and see what it's going to be like for where they live, which is why they generally have regional forecasts!? ? Why on earth are you watching the weather for other parts of the country? For the record, as per my regional forecasts of the last few days, its absolutely lovely here
  2. Nandos is vastly overrated, I agree, KFC is miles better
  3. That makes bleak reading for the US
  4. We've still got people on here who think that
  5. Fair enough, there's nothing to worry about then. Let's crack on
  6. Don't know to be honest, I don't know him, a few of my friends do though. From what I can gather he wasn't generally in good health already
  7. First death in our village last night, a 70 odd year old bloke
  8. The girl who I speak to on a daily basis who lives in Wuhan (her husband also contacted it about a week ago...when China was saying they've got no more new cases) said to me she didn't know what figures China was reporting, but would be very surprised if there had been less than 10K deaths in Wuhan alone over the last few months. She's obviate very careful what she says, but I think it's safe to say she thinks China are underestimating their deaths. sadly, we'll never know
  9. That'll be closer to the mark of have thought
  10. truly horrific if that's correct......equally horrific is that we seem to be tracking them
  11. without a doubt, it would be absolutely relentless, no matter what anybody says
  12. I've seen that, they're asking because they are monumental bulbs - I can partially understand why folk might have an issue with Charles getting tested, but certainly not the PM
  13. I saw that, they'll have their licence taken off them, and quite rightly the idiots
  14. we'll run as we are for another week, if the numbers start to climb like they are in Spain and Italy, then it'll be a full lock down.........so basically, I'd have a guess at a week today (not based on anything other than looking at how Italy and Spain have gone, and I see no reason why we won't be following the same path) I'm still amazed they've not got us on full lock down yet really
  15. With a Nature Boy feather boa? I'm thinking of hulking out and tearing off my shirt, brother!
  16. Is that not just a seasonal blip because the holiday season is nearly here?
  17. It's not going to change what they've been doing for thousands of years
  18. took the dog out for a walk up the river at about 1 o'clock, I saw a couple of young lads "exercising" with a few cans of fosters sat on a bench over looking the common. It did make me laugh
  19. We're seeing loads of customers close down, either they've done it already or from close of play tomorrow night. Most saying they will be back on 14th April (at the earliest), but some even pushing that into May. We'll stay open as long as couriers can still pick up and deliver, as we have loads of shit in transit from the Far East at the minute - we've even taken the step this week of shipping (with their agreement) customers April schedules so they'll have the stock ready for when they're actually able to return to work..........and we're even deferring the invoices!! The UK productivity is going to drop off the edge of a cliff next month
  20. A nice can of Andi Peters never did anybody any harm Anyway, a few folk have posted about booze - do many of the good folk of WWays drink every night? - Rarely do we drink during the week, even in these strange times. Mrs Sweep has decided she's going to not drink for the duration of this
  21. So would I, but I guess it's all about perception isn't it. I speak with our Italian office quite a lot, and fuck knows what is being reported in Italy, but they seem concerned that the UK and the US are going to have it far worse then they've got it. I've even asked them what they base that on, and they just keep saying because we've not bothered to lockdown properly. I guess, ultimately, time will tell who has it worse
  22. We're being inundated with masks from all our Chinese suppliers, but I think any that we don't want/need for our own warehouse staff are being taken to local nursing homes and the local hospital though. I'll check that it the case though
  23. £0.99p at Stevenage Costco today apparently - as no fucker is driving anywhere, I'd expect it might get even cheaper.
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