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  1. I used to work with a Spanish bloke at my old company, he was, so he told us, allowed to live here as long as he wanted to as an EU citizen (he's now in France I think), he didn't have to apply for residency, and he only started to look into it once we'd voted to leave.
  2. nobody does, it's like those who claim to be left handed, or suffer from SAD, hayfever or coeliac disease.......all made up, and just attention seeking
  3. Spider loves a bit of "boil in the bag Lobby"
  4. I love Haggis, I won't be partaking this evening though I wouldn't have thought
  5. seen that, so they're going to try another one I think 😀
  6. They do go through managers at an alarming rate - remember when they signed that bell-end Di Canio, who decided it might be a good idea to sign shit loads of players, who in the main turned out to be very shit. I think he was even touted to manage us by some wasn't he?
  7. calm down sonny, I was taking the piss.
  8. No, you need to remember that the EU is to blame for everything, and the UK isn't culpable or responsible for anything........even the stuff the UK agreed on and implemented with the EU. We've basically been bullied and pushed around from pillar to post for the last 40 years, and never had any input or say on anything, let alone agreed to any of the rules that they've forced upon us.
  9. I reckon it's closer to 7.8%, or possibly 11.6% of cases.....at a stretch 14.2%
  10. Maybe, and it would make sense to do, and you'd think the EU would welcome us continuing to pay in for a few more months, although Boris has said, repeatedly, absolutely no way will there be any extension........
  11. Nope, apparently anything agreed takes immediate effect on 1st January This year, 2020, is the transition year, which is used to get everything sorted and in place 😁
  12. I keep forgetting about that, they've done well to keep it a secret for this long though haven't they
  13. I'm a little concerned they've not even started to look at it yet...... 😁
  14. I agree, until we see what the deal is, we can't make a call on how good it is or isn't. Although the likes of Martin and Farage have already decided any deal that's agreed will be shit, as its obviously to their benefit to got WTO for what ever reason. I'll just be happy on 1st January when we know one way or the other and then we can just get on with it
  15. Tim Martin, the massive dick, had just been on LBC, talking about COVID and Brexit. With regards to Brexit, he pretty much reckons that anything other than us leaving with "no deal" and going WTO isn't for the benefit of the country.
  16. They're both slow as fuck, they'd both get absolutely twatted by AJ or Fury
  17. Is he not just a bit shit, hence getting no game time?
  18. Do I need to stand down the Presidential Suite?
  19. agreed, Trident needs scrapping, and as mentioned above, so does HS2. There will also be loads of other smaller stuff that we could/should look to cancel. I think yesterday did somebody mention putting a tram line between Bury and Bolton? - that can be scrapped before it even starts, what's the point of it in reality?
  20. The UK didn't make any contributions, via the EU, for the bailouts that Greece, Cyrpus and Spain received, as far as I'm aware....happy to be proven wrong though. However, you're right, the financial hangover from this will be widespread, at least we now only have to concern ourselves with our own debts, and not worry what others may or may not do.
  21. I know an extra 5p is a lot, you asked for ways to pay down the debt so "the kids" don't have to, I've made a suggestion (and we know it'll never happen) - There is no way to pay it back, unless we look to take money directly out of peoples pockets Sadly, the impending unemployment shitstorm/tsunami that's about to hit us, is going to set us back further. Like it or not, this deficit isn't going to be paid off within a generation, it's going to take decades. In 20 years time or so, when I'm dead and gone, this'll still be kicking around and we'll still be paying it off
  22. There are no options at all, it's tax hikes pure and simple....it'll all depend how long they want to stretch it out for. It could be worse, we could be leaving a large trading block in 34 days, with no plan or idea on how we're going to trade with them, can you imagine that happening at the same time. 😜
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