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  1. Fucked it off because what was once a long standing bastion of humour, wit and genuine debate among drunks and notrights creating long standing friendships not to mention words like cuntshoveller and pissfroth became overrun with lefty bedwetting snowflake fucktards who bored the piss out of me.
  2. In the 2 weeks we had on honeymoon in the Caribbean I never actually got any pokey wets. Granted I wasn't sober enough for most of it but not even a wank.
  3. Certainly have mate. Antisemitism still remains rife in many organisations countries and cultures. The Labour Party being one. A certain religion being another, along with a host of hot dusty countries.
  4. The official line is currently no. However I'm sure I'm not the only person linking his conversion to Islam with mowing down innocent civilians on the streets of London. I don't think he did it because he got a parking ticket. Highly likely the work of a lone nutjob, equally likely to be done in some twisted manner related to his beliefs. Home grown nutjobs are here to stay and yes possibly a failing of our own society. Why would a British citizen want to cause fear and harm to British society? Do they not feel part of it? Have they been radicalised? Are they just fucking unstable and have
  5. Leave your dentures at the front door gents, this is hardcore ????????
  6. NiC...where did I mention immigration or lump the problem with one group of people. "...sensible people of all communities unite and deal with the problem but there is fucks chance of that when too many different people have too many different agendas. There too many good Muslims to allow the bad ones to fuck it up but for whatever reason it's simply not happening". Carry on in denial if it makes you feel happier. I often avoid watching the news becuase I takes me sad or angry. There's nothing wrong in that.
  7. Can't disagree with that but you need to also consider the bloke was known for his extremist links. Not viable to trace every single nut job I agree but the root cause of the problem, and admitting it exists without offending the liberals, news addressing head on. Sometimes you have to admit you have a problem before it can be fixed. Too many don't think there is one. That denial will festering sore for the next generation until sensible people of all communities unite and deal with the problem but there is fucks chance of that when too many different people have too many different agenda
  8. Odd really. Everyone seems to be beatong everyone else. Sat in the top 8 in 7th spot but one pass and a dodgy refereeing decison away from being joint top on 10 points. Only Wigan and Cas have handed our arsed to us. Important run of winable fixtures ahead of us which will decide if we're likely to finish top 8 or bottom 4. Either way I'm convinced we will be in supper league next year. ????
  9. Chicken tikka, chicken chow main....they all look the same
  10. Whilst a great headline for the bedwetters and "antifacists", it's not an overly comforting statement. It tells me there's fuckload on Islamic mentalists in the UK. You might be happy with that but I'm not.
  11. What shaped ball are we using?
  12. Funnily enough we shall be enjoying a few pale ales together whilst morris dancing before moving into the cafe quarter throwing plastic garden furniture around.
  13. They're having a big Indian buffet with bolty ????
  14. Good luck and try not to sit at your meal thinking "who the fuck are they and why am I feeding them". I got married wearing thin cotton pyjama bottoms under my woolen trousers becuase in the middle of August they itched like fuck. I also wandered out of the pub down the road about 5 mins to kick off with half a dozen pints inside me. Loads of time to spare. Didn't realise the photomon wanted to do his shit with the ushers and bestmon and stuff. He could have done that in the tap room. Have fun and save up for the divorce which in this day and age is 50 50. ????
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