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  1. We did it, didn't quite go to plan and took longer than we though the but we did it. Thoroughly enjoyed it in a weird way. Thanks to all on here for donating and thanks to whichever mod pinned it. Cheers ????????
  2. Cheers Byro ???????? Another two anonymous donations today if from here please let me know then I can think you properly. Cheers
  3. Anyone in here donate yesterday around 7pm but didn't leave a name? Would like to thank you properly. Cheers
  4. Thanks to those who've donated and thanks for pinning. Just a quick reminder to say it's this Sunday so still time to chuck a couple of quid in if you can for Cancer Research. Cheers all
  5. Alright chaps, Iam not on here as much as I used to be so apologise for coming back with a shameless plea. Iam doing the Manchester to Blackpool bike ride next month in memory of my girlfriends mum for Cancer Research. Any donations will be much appreciated, even if it's just a couple of quid as the saying goes every little helps, you can donate here https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Nigel-Ghoorun Thanks in advance and hears hoping to a great season. COYWM
  6. RIP Pete, top top man. Please take a minute to read this. http://m.theboltonnews.co.uk/sport/14400651.FAN_S_LETTER__Devoted_fan__Maggie__will_still_be_cheering_the_Whites_on/?ref=fbshr
  7. No worries pal will leave it. Don't mention it tonight. Cheers
  8. Is it a bwfc gown? Or just plain? Really want it to have a bwfc connection. If it is and you don't mind will you bring it tonight please pal. There's a drink or two in it for you.
  9. Anyone any ideas where I can get one? Club shop used to sell them, no luck on ebay or amazon. Need it before the end of the week. Cheers
  10. Thanks Mickey you were helpful, if only the rest had posted a link....
  11. Anyone on here? Or does anyone have a contact for them? Cheers
  12. Nope. Serious question, Whats the difference between calling Gartside bent and calling Morris bent on a forum? Iam not sticking up for either and Iam not saying both are bent or straight Iam just curious.
  13. His office is open and you can always go and ask him yourself.
  14. Maybe it's because of the treatment he's on because of a serious illness.
  15. Oh Bolty if you read this got something g for you, an ickle night in Perth you may like.. email me cos lost your address cos my provider was a cheapskate piss taker
  16. Not been here for ages... but pissed as a fart cos being out with a well known bolton face for his birthday(thought some from here would be there but hey ho) and another top lad who's just lost his wife... anyway it ain't that bad and those of you who moan do something about it go into town and make it better... great curry from Naz and Iam going bed, anyway Iam pissed and happy and prob in the wrong place...
  17. I will give you a ring later, might able to help, I know a guy who makes wallpaper at Graham and Brown.
  18. Star Wars = superb LOTR = superb.
  19. Have you just compared Larrson and Hesky? Bloody hell.
  20. totally agree. Just saying other managers have done it in the past.
  21. Coyle did all this when he was in charge and it was publicised. It's great the club do this kind of thing and Iam not knocking them for a second but it counts for fuck all if we are not winning football matches.
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