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    Laptops on the blink, have a budget of £500. What can the good people of WWays recommend? Seen this one, looks decent spec and just in budget, thoughts? http://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/samsung-series-5-550p5c-15-6-laptop-silver-17056548-pdt.html Cheers
  2. Ashey


    5* on Tripadvisor Tripadvisor never lies
  3. Ashey


    Drove past the Golden Eagle saturday afternoon, decent beer garden there mate
  4. Took you under my wing Young Oli. Cheers you big daft bugger, seem to remember you owe me a pint too from Croatia
  5. Humbling reading the replies on here, not bad you soppy bunch. Little Whitt im curious as to what 'i hope they fit him' means. Big E send me your scruds il send you back mine, can guarantee mine will be worse. Just ready to go now, fed up of the waiting around. Might have a few Bombardier Golds tonight. Take care you lot and hopefully Adele will sing soon and Coyle will be gone. Fat kitman can stay though cos i quite fancy the idea of a breakfast at euxton, and i'll two foot tyrone mears Adios lads and lasses
  6. Only the same as going in these fancy pubs such as Dragonfly and Yates on a friday night> Gimme the Balmoral and the Griffin, none of this nonsense is allowed
  7. I'll stick with me trusty Nokia C1-01.
  8. Bit of a going on there tonight?? Read elsewhere someone had been stabbed..?
  9. 2 US Marines dead, 18 Taliban killed and 1 captured. Bet that 1 captured is wishing he was dead too. Whats the biggest shock is how they were able to get so close to Bastion with RPGs and small arms. Surely the sangers should have spotted them. Anyway 18 ragheads dead thats the main thing
  10. I think a lot of people will go just to say 'I was there', and also to hear the Blue Moon entrance
  11. Love to see Hatton V Khan and Hatton give him a bodyshot that sends Khan into Row ZZ of the MEN Arena. Lost 3 and a half stone whilst training and coaching other fighters at his gym, come the fight like Ryan said, He will be in good shape and his fitness won't be a worry.
  12. Anyone done the Safe And Fuel Efficient Driving course? Wondering if insurance companies offer a discount if can prove you hold this? Wouldnt mind doing it
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