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  1. Breightmet Boy

    Driving at 97?

    Price Phillip is a star, love him to bits. I hope he’s ok and raring to go yet again
  2. Breightmet Boy

    Celebrity Deadpool 2019

    I feel 15 years younger all of a sudden, thanks Bigtoe must admit though, I had to double check
  3. Breightmet Boy

    Town Centre Latest

    Sounds horrendous, doesnt whet my appetite at all TMGJ
  4. Breightmet Boy

    Town Centre Latest

    Gets a no from me
  5. Breightmet Boy

    Is that it ?

    No1 objective was staying up last season, it happened with the very last kick of the final game, euphoria for us all. Wigan failed miserably after running away with 1st Div league title the season earlier, we did it with selling our two best strikers. Wigan and Blackburn have invested in better quality after learning from mistakes, we’ve spent fuck all and kept our players waiting for their wages, hence the league table and as it stands. Has he done a good job?, considering what he’s putting up with yes, he’s just trying to get the best out of the players available, and not many of them are at championship level, only a few points off getting out the bottom 3.
  6. Breightmet Boy

    Accused Of Being A Sex Pest Thread

    Maul Warhurst
  7. Breightmet Boy

    Accused Of Being A Sex Pest Thread

    Adam LeFondler
  8. Breightmet Boy

    New Balls, Please

    He'll be able to wear a Portugal top whenever he wants now without upsetting his sponsors and agent. I respect him as much as his rivalry against the English, not a lot.
  9. Breightmet Boy

    Accused Of Being A Sex Pest Thread

    Craig McLachlan from Neighbours: I reckon hes innocent, he reckons shes just a mona.
  10. Breightmet Boy

    Our next manager

    Until mathematically sure we aint going nowhere, we have yet to have our good run and im not giving up hope, even though it kills us.
  11. Breightmet Boy

    Celebrity Deadpool 2019

    Dianne Oxberry the weather girl, 51 years old is no bloody age.
  12. Breightmet Boy

    The Official B*stard F*cking Trains Thread

    John Thomas The Tank Engine
  13. Breightmet Boy

    Sweaty Ken

    Not as i know, i reckon theyll both keep stump now until any court case. KA said Dale wanted the August payment early, which wasnt agreed, i doubt we'll hear anything for a bit about this.
  14. Breightmet Boy

    Sweaty Ken

    Dale wanted cash early, KA said 'no its no what we agreed', Dale spat the dummy out and recalled HIS player. KA didnt send him back, they told their employee to return. Bollocks to them and their chairman i say.
  15. Breightmet Boy


    I like him because of his passion of the club, and lets face it, he travels all this way to get served up a lot of shit. The people who sit around him seem to like him too and chat with him. Doing no harm, leave the lad alone.

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