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  1. Its the last thing he wants. People will find him, there wont be anywhere to hide.
  2. Can we fuckery like, ive got to put that stressed face on anytime someone mentions BWFC debts and go into a depressive state. Keeps the bowels regular
  3. They should ban mobile phones at games
  4. Didn't have a drop of alcohol yesterday but will be having a 5 day bender with over 30 other breightmet lads in Gibraltar for St.Georges Day.
  5. I use Asperation Blinds (probably because my nephew owns them). Hes just been to Milan last week for a exhibition, he goes every year. The thing is, hes light years ahead of other companies because of this, his reputation is more important than money and he will do anything to make sure he has more variety, colours, products and customer satisfaction than anyone, hence the scale of his business growth. Anyhow thats it for the Ad, but hes there if anyone needs him
  6. It was that bad it looked staged. To do that infront of 4,000 supporters is inexcusable.
  7. Got a fcuking headache after reading all that, people who buy football clubs must be fcuking mental, I’d be flicking the V’s at Ken after the first day of discussions.
  8. I have just Virgin broadband, £27 a month. No landline needed here so why bother. There is no way on earth I’d pay anywhere near £100 for a tv package etc.
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