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  1. They all showed their hands and only the staff at PNE can come out with any praise for what they did in our hour of need. I’m not a football fan, I’m Bolton Wanderers and England, it’s ‘dog eat dog’ out there, as we’ve learned in the last 12 months. Will I be losing sleep if any clubs go under, I’ll probably lose the same as a Bury FC fan does. Bollocks to them all, we all know the score now, love thy neighbour my arse.
  2. I’m pretty sure they’ve been getting Flour from there for donkeys years
  3. “Buy British” our farmers say, then some of them fly Romanian workers in during a pandemic. Their argument was that they knew the job better than some of our folk who wanted to help out whilst they were twiddling their thumbs bored at home. It’s wrong in my eyes, during a killer virus to charter planes for workers is wrong when most of us couldn’t.
  4. apparently his nickname is 'Evo' at Barrow. Well as long as he sticks out the job in hand and adheres to the rules we'll be fine.
  5. just seen some of their fans videos at our demise. Fcuk the lot of em, they enjoyed our ride, we'll enjoy theirs
  6. I partly blame Sky and the wedges its created in football, top 5 of the Premiership is all that matters to them and the FA need to look at themselves as theyre failing clubs. The 'Elite players' are the only winners in this, the rest are like lambs to the slaughter. Its shit, weve had our share and it was far from pleasant.
  7. Over 60 Hackett Polos Hackett jeans Hackett undies Hackett socks Hackett swim shorts, Bermuda shorts Hackett shoes Hackett jumpers Hackett lounge trousers Hackett coats Hackett flat caps Hackett belt Hackett, Ray Ban sunglasses Hackett umbrella Hackett bedding Hackett towels Hackett flip-flops Timberland Boots Adidas trainers Im owd fashioned too I’d say, love Hackett clothing, proper made stuff.
  8. They’re lovely, them and Shanghai’s I’d love before Christmas
  9. I wouldnt try it myself, its a pane...
  10. today is supposed to be 'Some sunny day' for her
  11. Because I’ve not been in a pub for so long and I live alone it’s going to be very strange walking into one, I went out 3-4 times a week before lockdown, but now after work I just like chilling out and I can’t see me changing back to how I was, even though I’m a social drinker. I hope this isn’t old age finally caught up...
  12. ive never been a drinker in the house, im a social drinker, but i have since the pubs have been shut. 36 small cans of stella last me over a month mind.
  13. well it all went tits up yesterday, the bots have taken over the asylum. Tried buying 4 pairs and the sites got raped. I need a bot.
  14. ive got a pair BNIBWT size 10 if your local, £50 cheap enough, i paid £65 and theyve not left the box
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