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  1. Poor thing. Another reason for us all to abide by the rules and get this little girl outside and enjoying the latter part of summer
  2. I had a dream about Burnden Park a year or so ago, I posted it on here. We was playing Norwich on a sunny day and Paul Jones scored a direct free kick and a packed Burnden erupted. Was in a great mood for ages after that.
  3. Work wise everyone has been understanding of the situation and got on with it, it plucks the strings when everyone’s not just thinking of themselves, but everyone else and their health. We had a delivery yesterday and I was offered to ‘refuse to sign’, which I did, It probably made us both feel better and may of stopped the spread a little. Everyone’s been great, not had any problems, no complaints here.
  4. They even had a ‘thank you’ from St James Church for them too 😄
  5. People seem to think it’ll spike nearer the end of May around here, I ain’t a clue who they are but they know far more than I do. It’s all estimates I suppose, but doing the maths, area lifestyles and attitudes to playing ball give the boffins the idea when I should imagine.
  6. Bolton Clowncil, the bile I’ve read on that was comical, utter utter shite. People believe that bollocks, that’s the worrying thing.
  7. Well I thought my neighbours would see me as a dick clapping on my own, but was pleasantly surprised. I love my neighbours now, clapping and waving to each other has done us all a bloody world of good. I think there’s only me my in my little road working through this, most are OAP’s, but that was uplifting. Breightmet made noise, fireworks the lot 🙂
  8. Sorry for going on but I’ve heard Diddybox have flowers
  9. You could have a woven basket coffin with flowers around it apparently, or a card coffin with flowers printed onto it. You could have a slideshow of your Aunts pictures with family, it’s supposed to be very reasonable.
  10. Your allowed flowers at Overdale I’m told, 10 people per funeral but outside speakers can be used. They do a webcast too where you can log in and watch live and rewatch anytime inside 28 days anywhere in the world apparently, it’s very popular I hear.
  11. Spot on. This is superb as any of you lot who have managed to get a parent, relative etc into Bolton Hospice will agree, superb effort. On a closer to home note my niece, big Wanderers fan, have been left loads of chocolate on her East Midlands NHS Ambulance windscreen, there’s some lovely folk out there, they cheered her up no end 🙂
  12. From GMP Earlier today (Sunday 22 March 2020) at 2:34pm, police were called to Queen’s Park in Bolton following reports that a child had been stabbed. Ambulance and police attended and found that a seven-year-old girl had been attacked by a woman with a knife. The child sustained extremely serious injuries and, despite the best efforts of her family and medical responders, she sadly died a short while later. A 30-year-old woman was detained by a member of the public immediately after the attack and was arrested by police at the scene, initially on suspicion of attempted murder and subsequently for murder. The woman is not known to the family of the little girl. Assistant Chief Constable, Russ Jackson of GMP, said: “Words cannot describe how awful this attack is. The family were out in the park, enjoying the spring sun when in a totally unprovoked and random attack this little girl sustained horrendous injuries and sadly died a short while later. “A 30-year-old woman who was not known to the family was detained by a member of the public and then arrested by the police. She is currently in custody for murder and it is expected she will be interviewed by detectives later. “We are working to understand the motive for this completely random and brutal attack. We understand that the woman has some history of mental illness and we are working to understand if this played any part in her motive. “We have sent specialist family liaison officers to support the family. This is a family’s worst nightmare. The incident is horrendous and I cannot begin to imagine what the family of this little girl are going through. “We are determined to quickly understand how this came to happen, leaving a young family so distraught and so devastated in an instant."
  13. No respect at all, didn't watch it. I've been to two England matches vs Argentina and happy to say we won both and because I know how much he hates us, it made them so special
  14. Life changing, shame for everyone involved in helping the young lady and especially all her family and friends. Mindless murder, the bloody poor soul.
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