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  1. So I hear, this is what I heard. Bouncer: "Sorry pal, your not coming in, you've had too many" LW: "What, beers?" Bouncer: "No, birthdays"
  2. Going off recent results and the games we have in hand, it’s not going down to the last match of the season, I reckon we can be in in the mix by March and relatively safe mid April. Our team have only played about eight games together, they’re just about getting used to each other, once we get that proper consistency we’ll be fine. I love the picture of Sharon celebrating our win on Saturday
  3. Its wank in hooters, ended up a bit of a mess last time I visited, shot off early
  4. I remember Kenny Dalglish jumping about in corporate when they beat us 1-0 at home, fair do’s in there, the stands a different story though
  5. Can’t say it looks that good the way the building is burning
  6. My mate wears his, reckons students prefer used trainers as they’re worn in. But if some fucker spills beer on them or even scuffs them.
  7. I’ll never wear them Stevie, in fact, I’ve only worn six pairs of my current trainers, all the shit ones
  8. Went through my head that when I saw it, just glad it’s the building next door for his sake.
  9. Adidas Malmo’s now on sale, I’ve just managed to get a pair. They look rather nice
  10. I think I'll be happy with that, but I'd prefer a hefty fine for the chairman at the time.
  11. I’ve no doubts defeat hurts the management owners and fans, in that order, but the foundations are far more healthier that I’d of ever expected. I agree whole heartedly with your words and I’m pretty sure the squad are gutted too. But that’s yesterday, we move on.,
  12. I'm told the nut case shaved her head and put the contents in a rocket before firing it over the crowd, I'm not surprised shes got a stutter. He said it was a hair bomb repeater.. Coats on dont worry....
  13. It was in the cup and it may be a blessing considering injuries etc. After being unbeaten for three matches theres gonna be wobbles and ill accept them every now and then, not a problem.
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