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  1. They’d of walked by now, they want to see this through but they won’t have their trousers pulled down, which is fair do’s. It’s very frustrating I know, but I’d rather have FV than no fcuker to be honest, and they’re not throwing cash at anything just because we’re two weeks away from the start of the season, they’re being sensible thank god.
  2. Considering Chris drives a Fiat 500 it's probably for the best
  3. Now that might not be very good for anybody associated with us, we would be well and truly up shit creek without a paddle I should imagine as its a bit late for someone to start all this process again and get it done quick enough to get players in and sorted before kick off
  4. Paul Power SoLarry Lloyd surgen Klinsman
  5. The TV pixel problem was hilarious, which gave Little Whit his notorious ‘Bloon’ stardom. I’ve told that story in the pub, him and his missus rubbing balloons on their jumpers then being told they’re doing it wrong and to use their hair. Fabulous, had me believing it to be honest, was quite convincing to me.
  6. Anyone who says anything different is probably a liar
  7. 1) Sally Gunnell when she won the hurdles was a great buz, never heard of her until I watched it live. 2) Johnny Wilkinson, that last few seconds kick brought dust to the eye. 3) Nigel Mansell, Murray Walker used to make every manuvour special with his commentary mind. 4) Eddie The Eagle Edwards, just for his fcuk it, let's have a go attitude. Cant think of a fifth
  8. I threw a pair of my gazelles in the washer that had bleach stains on them, 40'c wash and they came up champion, bar the laces. I think Gazelles were made to be machine washed.
  9. Probably thinks your in the wanderersways click so is appropriate.
  10. Bragging rights to Bolty and the rest Down Under, chuffed to bits, csnt wait to see the highlights later 🙂
  11. They must think they’re gonna get their fortunes taxed off them so may as well blow it and make people happy, after all, there’s no point being the richest man in the graveyard.
  12. Barry Hearn popped up in my head for some reason.
  13. Hahaha, look how GG has spelled bloon...
  14. John Mc Crirrick has died, time of death, 10/1
  15. That’s my thoughts, he’s a moonman of the highest order because his antics in front of Jim White were pathetic and immature, he was lacking any kind of decorum and more interested in making himself look a complete and utter bell. What a big zoom he is
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