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  1. Just cracked my third Stella, so no. They’ve been tremendous, passing spot on.
  2. Great 1st half that, there’s some very good performances out there from us, our passing is the best I’ve seen this season, Afolayan, Thomason, Isgrove are having belters. Superb match this
  3. Should suit Isgrove this speed of game, Doyle unlucky with the goal line clearance
  4. If both teams are sprinting about at this speed for 90 mins there’s going to be goals
  5. thats if they buy into it, the outrage tells me sponsorship of a Super League may not be a great business idea
  6. what money getting filtered? Theyre not buying our players, theyre getting all the cream from abroad. If everyone, FIFA, UEFA and the FA's aint happy about it, the TV companies may not be, it could nosedive before it starts, we could end up better off.
  7. Makes no difference to me, I’m not a football fan, I’m a Bolton Wanderers supporter, couldn’t care less about anyone else and have no interest in watching them, my love is my club.
  8. She did look frail, but still great for her age
  9. That image is a heartbreaker, god bless her eh. Some of her subjects have had the heartache of dying in a hospital bed without family allowed and there’s our Queen leading by example. GSOGQ
  10. My word, started the 2nd like the 1st
  11. I’m just waiting for our chances to roll up roll up roll up
  12. We won’t get much change from him
  13. Bloody shame, I only watched Peaky Blinders because of her, bloody lovely she is.
  14. Getting back to the crying bit. I was at the dentist today and it seems I’m grinding my knashers whilst asleep, I’ve got a guard to put in at night. Apparently it’s got very common now during this pandemic, mad isn’t it. I explained I’m not married so not a clue why I’d be stressed, Wanderers are winning, alls well.
  15. I’d wheelbarrow it around the house, she’s got a decent Nicky Hunt on her if you ask me.
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