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  1. Check out Nutty from Gogglebox in her prime with Giles having a good old nosey
  2. Thought it had a drone flying above it for a minute
  3. My local does, he’s having the contents of my Bells bottle tonight.
  4. They’ve sussed me out doing that at work, it’s when I’m subconsciously stressed, it’s like having Tourette’s.
  5. I’m guilty of that too, then I turn round to see if the neighbours have sussed me out.
  6. Miles better than midweek, the save off Politic was a nice bit of teamwork, it’s much better that. Can’t be critical of that at all
  7. The new Baltic Cup edition on Size look superb, I'm hoping I'll get both.
  8. Did a pub not want your change? They have to pay for it I should imagine.
  9. Checking both doors on my way out, sometimes up to three times, I know they’re shut but still do. switching lights out what don’t need to be on at work. Patting my pockets whilst saying “money, fags, lighter, mobile & keys” before I set off for work. just old age creeping in.
  10. Clearly a accident, no point getting all emulsional about it
  11. That’s me, I’ve got to the stage where I’m double/treble checking doors on my way out too. Not much trust in myself
  12. Not sure, but he cannot stand ISIS can he, proper hates them
  13. Glued here, even the GBH lad is on edge walking out of his cell. The ISIS hater is nuts, wouldn't say that to his face mind
  14. HMP Belmarsh on ITV now. My word, there's some absolute cases in there. A lad has just wrapped a pool cue around someones head for the crack of it. Wouldn't like to spend any porridge in there.
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