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  1. I wish you well, but please don’t emotionally hit Kane, he didn’t know did he. All the very best
  2. There was a woman trying to get it started and two guards stood there doing nothing. On the way back they announced three cancellations due to 'driver shortages, why they didn't tell us to make our own way i dont know?
  3. Breightmet Boy


    Hes gonna have to be very careful how he goes about showing that video and trying to boost moral. Working on set plays and keeping the ball longer is order of the day, Rotherham enjoyed themselves too much yesterday. I'll be happy with great home support, the result can be a bonus. 1-1
  4. I missed our goal, train broke down on the tracks at Sheffield and nobody bothered to tell us, got a black bomber to rotherham and just got in for them to equalise. The Rotherham fan, in the adidas shirt waving his wallet and cash at us on the left hand stand needs to grow a pair before he becomes a cropper some match, some fan will take him to the cleaners one day.
  5. It's gonna take lots of time, but we knew this
  6. Never met Ginda but from what I've read about him he's held in very high esteem. R.I.P
  7. I’m in Gib for the Czech game, never been there watching England
  8. You'll get a dozen in a box transit easily whole, 3 rows of 4 and use straps
  9. Correct, mark off and number as you desemble and be very careful none of the metal twist or breaks off, your knackered if it does. I'd personally take whole like I did in my job, strapped in tight to avoid twisting.
  10. I reckon it's doable but I'd mark off what fits where. I've moved loads of them things in my past, they hate being transported
  11. He was dazzled by oncoming headlights, his bright eyes were burning like fire, a very hare raising experience for the lad. Get well soon.
  12. I heard in the pub 1,800 sold up until last night
  13. Im in plus 3 family, on the train, no point driving really. COYFWM
  14. “Salsa Curcic is a illegitimate, he ain’t got no, birth certificate” we sang at that match, I remember our dug out laughing
  15. I've got two mates in the Black Horse who do it, I think one is self employed or both may be. I'll inbox tomorrow their numbers if they can do it S
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