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  1. I loved how our defence let Maskell know he wasn’t pulling his weight when Bradford went close 2nd half, that told me these lads want to win.
  2. Let the chaps see the flaps..
  3. Swapping trainers, not for keeping, but I understand where your coming from 😂
  4. The Turks opposite Aldi do it, its like bubble gum on lolly sticks what they use. It didnt hurt much, but the shit that came out my bugle was embarrassing, it was like unblocking a drain. But like Mickey says, them hairs are there for a reason.
  5. ive just swapped my Havanas for a pair of Newton Heath in my quest to get some brown Adidas London Churches. i hope they are enough for a swap
  6. im thinking of a metal one, bar fridges, bar stools and a dart board. one of my pals and his missus has one, theyve called it The Fliddy Arms, its very smart too, neon lights the lot.
  7. he just fancied getting laid thats all, the plucky chappie. Imagine if he worked for the Blackburn owners, hed be in his element
  8. my claim to fame was being asked to dance on stage with Mud at Bolton Town Hall, it was at our NHS Christmas party.
  9. I’ve entered the raffle for them, not for me but a mate. Not a fan of Baltic Cups, it’s the Showaddiwaddy soles I don’t like and that colour looks horrendous
  10. I don’t think any of us can, unless living in Wales. I need some Liverpool’s size 10 and can swap a pair of Havana’s, possibly I’ll have to add cash with them if you know anyone?
  11. The new lad looks great, happy with him
  12. Getting them used to the ‘boo-boys’
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