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  1. Breightmet Boy


    Rivalry is rivalry, fair do's really, weve fallen and are the whipping boys, let them have their fun, we'd do the same with any of our rivals.
  2. 1,133,600 hits this thread has had, some bloody doing for a WUM.
  3. Of all the things they asked they missed that one. How clumsy
  4. I went to Baku 2004 for the England game, took a couple of weeks to get my passport back after sending it off with visa application that was very nosey indeed, why im visiting, who ill be speaking to, where im staying, you name it, they asked it. 5.5 hr flight, ballache. Oh, the ground wasnt as nice as the current one and Baku is a big grey shit tip.
  5. Breightmet Boy


    They all used to go watching him whenever he was in the area, bloody nutters some of them
  6. Who cares? Inboxing decent folk accusing that they are 'wife beaters' as well as other wild wide of the mark guesses makes his/her messages null and void in my eyes, theres banter and theres over stepping the line. The facts are here now, 30 interested parties makes me feel a warm smug glow inside, bollocks to him/her.
  7. Buying Tom Eaves on the back of a pre-season friendly for a stupid amount of money got my alarm bells ringing. But, as he loves our club so much, i'll respect him as a man and ex-player, not our manager mind.
  8. No no no, black pepper is all thats needed on scrambled eggs
  9. Ive cut right down on sauces, never use them now. I have a light sprinkle of salt and pepper as i want to taste the food, smoothered or dipped in sauces ruins it i reckon.
  10. God bless the member of staff at the end of the report, it goes to show how much they care. "The EFL have been a disgrace, we have had nothing from them, no calls to say they support us, nothing. They were quick to take 12 points off us mind" Not been paid for a couple of months, struggling big with council tax bills etc and the member of staff is more bothered about the points deduction. I hope that member of staff wins the lottery and has good health into later life, what a bloody star.
  11. Full page article in todays Daily Mail. Jesus its worse than i thought, never knew it was so bad for the staff, seriously. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-7033459/Bolton-players-pain-demise-impact-non-playing-staff-truly-horrific.html
  12. One everyones missed out is that flour cakes bought at chip shops are always dry and bits dropping off.
  13. Well either John Terry or Frank Lampard will be gutted at Wembley, id rather see Terry sobbing like a bitch myself
  14. The interview with the Leeds manager is the most annoying one ive ever seen, he cant speak a word of the Queens. God knows how he communicates during the game/training/tactics etc.
  15. On a flour cake dripping gravy down.your napkin?
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