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  1. Breightmet Boy


    im hearing the deal for Bury FC is off.
  2. Stevies just picked up, sorry pal.
  3. I hate them shithouses, even though they’re not worthy of it. 1-1
  4. not a problem, they are 9s pal, you can try on make sure.
  5. £100, just what i paid pal, face value, got the receipt
  6. yeah, but a feminine fit bit thrusting my fanny would be ace as i wouldnt be doing it, she'd be naked and tweeking her nip as she did it. Saying that, no bird has ever tugged me better than i can.
  7. id ask a feminine lesbo to finger fuck me and tongue my gusset
  8. The interview with the WBA player then will have every fan eating their words about WBA appointing BSA. Fantastic interview with a player who’s confidence has been super boosted. I’d love 11 of him on our pitch, his praise was the best I’ve ever seen in a interview.
  9. Sparks nearly beat the clock and scored before the whistle then
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