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  1. holdsworth never missed linzie dawn mckenzies tits though,
  2. one of their goals, the ball stuck in the mud, everyone stopped and the ref decided it would have been over the line if there was one
  3. yes, was a doorman at maxwells plum in the late 70's early 80's.from seeing him and the other bouncers at maxwells , who beat up anyone, he later worked at the sweet green tavern as someone who would stop any trouble, he died in 1994, and was a great bloke once you got to know him.
  4. if your on about early live sunday football, i am sure it was the big match live, churchills ,lock in every sunday
  5. i still iron on sunday am, before cooking lunch, what is the question again
  6. i am the same , but you are 30 years from retiring , i was supposed to go in june.
  7. it's the other side this time
  8. my lad is there, the picture traf posted may have been my lads, anyway he's said there are 20 fire engines there.
  9. martin and rod, we know your name tarquin.
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