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  1. we have had a conference call, a mob is always better than a threesome, especially one that has to wear surgical gloves.....
  2. who cares , we will all be lesbians in 50 years time anyway
  3. last time we played them in the league at their place 2016, we lost 2-0, players and management got dogs abuse , not today.
  4. why have you got a picture of mr grey as your avitar?
  5. happy wanderer, i am being bullied, please sort it out
  6. or being married for 30 years
  7. exactly, directions sent out on the day, A team only
  8. after the shitist week in my life i am looking forward to seeing some friendly faces.
  9. anthill mob in + 9, only underpants and mike hunt out
  10. victor meldrew


    i was so worried ,thank you i can sleep easily tonight😃
  11. 9 tickets being purchased tomorrow
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