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  1. lets hope there will be more people going to home , away games than last year. #fucking support your club or it may go bust.
  2. fair play to the watford fans , if it was us our end would be empty by now
  3. you are correct however and it is not just hag fold the feral people are just allowed to get away with doing what they want . back in the day the police could police and not be an extension of social services.
  4. yes you can't stone anderson to death in this country
  5. casino still got the same sunglasses i see
  6. does his jimmy saville impersonation when not going to blackburn /forrest
  7. underpants and casino
  8. drove through Hag Fold this evening, looked like the residents were doing their own show to compensate.
  9. love rod stewart me
  10. Surprised you can remember that far back
  11. Not with his money ☹️
  12. They buy them and give them to him for nothing🥃
  13. More canals than Venice, more curry houses than bombay
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