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  1. went past the rose and crown at 6pm , the car park was full of people, i know the landlord, he was closing up as he had run out of beer
  2. he lives in a very nice new house next to the training ground
  3. doesn't open until saturday, delivery probably friday
  4. anyway, unfortunately i am on call next weekend ,will report back this time next week on how bad it is .
  5. delicious? only if you are a gayer like casino
  6. i heard they are putting a load of porta loo's on the car park , for people getting the shits straight away
  7. don't like brandy................... anyway ,a story about him, a few years ago the wife got us tickets for chelsea away, but on the supporters club coach. it was a night match in between chrismas and new year. we were sat at the back of the coach next to FF and his "carer", by the time we had gone past knutsford, he had drunk a 2l bottle of vodka and coke, he was absolutely smashed. the bog was a no go area.
  8. mr grey has just been admitted to A& E
  9. thought he had pegged it
  10. Fucking hell, if she’s negative what does that make you 🤗
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