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  1. Will be in the bay of biscay tomorrow hopefully the WiFi will work. Coywm
  2. My eldest son and his girlfriend are vegan, have to go to Tesco express for soya milk every time they come round, pain in the arse.
  3. the kiosks need re building , not sure they would do this
  4. the whole way the kiosks is set up not to make money, i said this years ago , and until this is addressed the club will lose money
  5. the problem is , employ kids who don't know what they are doing is going to end in failure , and pissed off customers
  6. i would gladly offer my services on how to pour a pint of beer, change a keg ,gas bottle and how to turn a guinness surger machine on. how to add up the price of any beverage and pie. education is the future
  7. and your point is caller ?
  8. anthill mob full turn out for Peterborough , says it all really.
  9. loads of empty seats at stoke massive f.c
  10. so are we in the seats then or not?
  11. And their first team were playing at home on the same night
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