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victor meldrew

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  1. victor meldrew

    Sweaty Ken

    what stinks ?
  2. victor meldrew

    Sweaty Ken

    great message from the chairman.. in ken we (sensible supporters) trust
  3. victor meldrew

    Driving at 97?

    drunk on ouzo apparently
  4. victor meldrew

    Driving at 97?

    book diver in immediately
  5. victor meldrew

    Driving at 97?

    no one over 70 should drive
  6. victor meldrew

    WBA home

    does anyone know where i can get a life size picture of keith andrews, , sorry i meant ORVIL the duck ?
  7. victor meldrew

    WBA home

    got 2 free tickets today for the WBA game WSL D block virtually sold out .....# might be big attendance with lots of falling out between home fans.
  8. victor meldrew

    Brizzle AWAY

    we went in their end instead
  9. victor meldrew

    Radio Manchester Fans Forum - Wednesday 16th January

    it'll be a kangaroo court
  10. victor meldrew

    Walsall and Wembley bound

    just bought seven tickets, don't know why , i am going on my own..........................
  11. victor meldrew

    Peter Thompson

    great memories, as a kid, R.I.P peter
  12. victor meldrew

    Walsall and Wembley bound

    this game is a chance for the club to earn some money why would anyone not want to support the club ? it's up to you mother fuckers
  13. victor meldrew

    Trotters v Potters

    why are they not in the champions league ?
  14. victor meldrew

    Trotters v Potters

    stoke are not gash, but are no way going up. roll on 3 years , no parachute payments . back to 13k crowds , like us
  15. victor meldrew

    Hull away

    just got 4 , not many left of the original allocation

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