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  1. been up for 39 hours now. but if it happens party is on.
  2. In fact I am drinking it now at the airport
  3. Next keg is Stella, over 400 years of brewing excellence, no arty Farty ipa in sight
  4. So has mine and it serves draught beer as well🖕
  5. Only back from NYC Saturday morning, can’t risk flight delay, cruise is next month
  6. just a note to all our "fans" who didn't go today , why? your club is on it's arse and needs our support. no excuses be at the next home game
  7. saving them for rochdale next week, big cup run
  8. typical yorky, won't put a fiver in a bucket
  9. derby being sponsored by granny porn.com next season
  10. what about the older ones who don't know /can't do this? FV =ageist
  11. for anyone looking to "book" a restaurant in London , please try MOTCOOMBS 02072356382 i am pretty sure if book a sensible group ,2 or 4 they will accommodate you . then just forget to turn up. you will know the owner.
  12. how about 1800 people invading the pitch at half time, as no beer is served
  13. yes you don't need a visa to go to wycombe
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