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  1. the TR 85 team were better than this lot, at least we scored goals
  2. he managed a part time club, in all 5 games this season we have been outplayed, out passed and out scored. blind faith , i lost many years ago.
  3. they are in hospital with corona virus
  4. i think we had loads of luck in the first 20 minutes today, could of been 0-7 this afternoon
  5. thats some good news then, you can't drink holts "beer"
  6. really enjoyed middlesboro a couple of years ago
  7. i worked at maxwells plum in the early 80's the bouncers were frightening. the amount of blokes who were taken out the back and kicked to fuck just for being pissed.
  8. saves micky d going to the fridge between meals
  9. i hope your right, but based on what? every team knows we play out from the back, and slowly ,so they can get back and mark our players. if we played quicker ,we might have a chance to play doyle in , but he always has two players on him. our defence is as bad as we have ever had. if we are playing colchester in league 2 next season ,we will have arrested the decline.
  10. fucking wank stop passing sideways and backwards ,we are loosing
  11. na, hop house has been re mastered and is a better beer now,
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