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  1. yeh right. also the white lion is the slaughtered lamb of westhoughton.
  2. brew dog is the devil's spunk, enjoy
  3. how old are you just asking ,as i thought you were old , like most of us
  4. I thought the last time this happened we were 5 minutes from liquidation
  5. brilliant, we already have sweep up front, sickened by my self , i know
  6. i know it's terrible, having to stay in bed until noon , smoke hippy crack and stab each other, instead of having a structure in life
  7. but couldn't be arsed going to several other away games 😃
  8. yep £33 for hard core fans.
  9. already gone off, you should sit next to him.
  10. correct and if the unions hadn't been so greedy and their members workshy, we may still have had a manufacturing industry.
  11. "if " we still have a club. the difference between young and older fans is massive young ones are immature wankers who believe every thing that pings on their phone old ones are dinosaurs who don't get today's culture the rest of us just want to be a dinosaur.
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