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  1. Don’t really see the need for a roll call - it’s Bolton, it’s football - I’m in. ( and junior)
  2. 2nd Saturday on the run I am disappointed we have lost. thought we did really well, defo red card for them. how did O’Grady miss and not sure if it was a Matthews mistake for not holding on to the ball for the goal or the defence being slow to react. we just aren’t getting decisions or the rub of the green
  3. Trains booked today. £18 return for me and junior - split tickets but can’t complain at that
  4. 1-3 great ticket sales by them - always travel well though to be fair to them
  5. Agreed - lot of people that were involved in the OLD regime are still knocking about - not sure that is a good think. Ew owners, new manager, new players - we need to all change and move forward
  6. I thought we did ok today and were a bit unlucky. Woodwork twice, a few guilt edge chances that were hit straight at the keeper. They had a lucky deflected goal. hamilton looked good as did the Ipswich guy, also thought Emmanuel had his best game for us today. accept we are going down and rebuild for next season - if by December we aren’t in the top few in division 2, then we start asking questions
  7. The problem is the last few games have been against average sides. yes we are scoring, but conceding for fun. surely under a new regime, you make yourself hard to beat first and foremost. If you don’t concede, you don’t lose. lowe and Murphy have been stupid with the sendings off and add in the bad luck with good players being injured - we aren’t having much luck and you can’t really blame the manager for that. maybe this window might help, but let’s be honest, it was always majority unlikely we would stay up this season and we are putting the foundations in place for next season in league 2?
  8. If the 11 players picked put as best a shift in as as they can - we can ask no more the second half against Shrewsbury wasn’t great - but my god they put their bodies on the line and worked their socks off. You can’t ask for more than that
  9. Yes, but the result made up for it and the natives weren’t happy !!
  10. You would think so and once they have leased back once they can’t do it again. football for me is on a knife edge and clubs will soon be folding like packs of cards
  11. Yes, but like a few don’t they just lease the ground back to the owners, which buys a bit more time ?
  12. March 2012 - muamba at Spurs - junior also mascot. its not been dull
  13. Tickets arrived today - unreserved
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