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  1. Few stellas and that can be sorted
  2. Went to that - horrible tackle - what a wanker
  3. You can blame him for the start of the rot - and I will never forgive him. holden didn’t need to go in for the tackle mind you, but no way would we have been relegated with him fit and I am pretty sure the semi final wouldn’t have been as horrific. we can only hope what goes around comes around - although it wouldn’t have the same impact that it has had on our club.
  4. He’s done well out of that talk sport gig. Always on the pop, always getting invites to events, games etc and getting paid for it. not bad really
  5. Went to the local cricket club, had a few beers and got home for ant and dec. bolton didn’t lose
  6. Any team near the top wants the season over as is, any team near the bottom doesn’t. you are never going to get a perfect solution that everyone agrees with. selfish - void season, we stay up, Leeds miss out on promotion, Liverpool miss out on the league and let the good times roll
  7. We have a few more than just these !
  8. The 7-00 got tropical.
  9. I bet he thought you were a right pillock
  10. Yep. - unbelievable effort
  11. We are on the 10-04. only jules I know from round here not going
  12. marple whites


    I think they got relegated that season as well. from memory, we were 2 down, then 2-2, hit the bar and then got pummelled. think we only lost 3 all season including this - madness
  13. marple whites


    What a strange game that was !!
  14. Yep in + 1, junior, Boltimore his brother and son. terrace and new ground
  15. Stayed in the same hotel as boro and came down for breakfast in the lift with Gareth Southgate ! and we let ourselves down ........ again
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