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  1. Yep love lime pickle and the kids don’t nick it - so a win win!
  2. You don’t need a defeat to reach for the bottle !!
  3. So take the Leeds Birmingham game out and the Leeds title celebrations, we were top and were quite high on banning orders.
  4. And the bloody iPad hdmi cable I ordered has gone to another house! got an email to say it had been delivered - checked tracking info and my address was correct. Went to the Royal Mail delivery office and it actually been scanned a few roads away and can’t tell which house it was delivered too. effing marvellous - what a bloody ball ache
  5. It’s like Russian roulette - different every time🤪
  6. That surely is the worst possible news for Wigan - as without any serious income streams who is going to buy them ??
  7. Quite an interesting insight that - and if you think how many people we would have had watching, so in my house, me, junior and my dad were watching 1 paid for stream.
  8. They got very excited even when they just crossed the half way line !
  9. I could get the laptop screen to show on the tv, but my ifollow just had a black screen and when I clicked the play arrow, I just got a circle going round and round. have just ordered a cable to go from iPad to tv - be here Wednesday in time to watch the next thrilling instalment
  10. No idea - I have got an hdmi cable but that doesn’t fit into the iPad - if anyone knows if you can and how you do it - that would be great.
  11. Huddling around an iPad is not the future 😡
  12. Talk about daylight robbery, we got mullered, bit it was so funny when mr dunne caught the ball !
  13. I would agree, miles better than last week and looked dangerous. The first goal there should be no way a man ghosts in like that and not be marked to some degree and the second goal was comic book defending. overall, we have given a play off team from last season a decent game. If we had scored first we would have won. i feel a win is coming and no doubt then we might go on a bit of a run, but from the fans point of view we need it quickly. still couldn’t get ifollow to work on laptop, so iPad again - going to drive me daft if I have to watch it on that all season
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