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  1. No stooping lad, it’s something to look forward to each day or so! i4 h10
  2. I could manage in Scotland........
  3. He was very impressive at Rochdale and that was where it ended
  4. This Swindon lad sounds decent, 20 goals next season is a massive boost to any team
  5. H3 g10 flat as a witches that last one
  6. We are massive, you worry about us, not we worry about you
  7. Just looked at league 2 table, should get decent allocations at most places. given the Covid circumstances, I would think most will give us as many as we want anyway as they need the cash!
  8. Cheers all. Flights with easy jet, accommodation done direct with where we have stayed before. Mrs and daughter don’t particularly want to go, me and junior do !
  9. Did we have them last season ? in fairness, over the last 10 years never really been a problem with always from what I can remember
  10. Meant to be going to Portugal early august, so after today’s announcements - going or not ? no idea
  11. Would we start better with no crowds (no huge expectation) ? obviously love to start going from game 1, but amazing the behind closed door results so far
  12. Great statement signing, let’s get the lad from Swindon upfront now and a couple of bruisers at centre half and we will be well on to having a decent team.
  13. Gareth ainsworth what a tosser - what do you look like ? My daughter even commented how scary he looked !! joey Barton - it’s a shame for you (arsehole)
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