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  1. Not easy to pick ur season ticket seat - but a few goes and got it sorted.
  2. marple whites


    It was always going to happen - the young lads in the lions den. but we can’t just stop playing, we need to keep going until it’s sorted and try and scrap for everything that we can. we have a club, we are breathing and yes we are getting beat, but we are trying our hardest, but it will get better. all we can do is get behind them and show everyone that Bolton will never die.
  3. Marple boys can easy make double figures jules, no problem. where is Romiley...............
  4. On my jolly’s at the moment, but went to wycombe and by the sounds of it, the players exceeded that performance - so hats off all round. just hope we can now get the takeover sorted, as I believe then we could stay up and start to rebuild the club back up.
  5. Wagon and horses - loved that place
  6. marple whites


    This will be a real test for the young uns if the takeover isn’t sorted. they will be trying every trick in the book. get a result here - and they will be legends.
  7. Quite like Mary d’s, you know what you are getting, always get served, been in many times before Bolton played at the etihad.
  8. 76 for me current teams grounds, quite a few more have done the old but not the new like West Ham, Oxford, Bristol rovers, Brighton, a few not in the league as well
  9. 2-2 at the Ricoh, junior was sick out of my car window on the way - giving it a new design, equalised in the last minute and got back to the car to be greeted with a parking ticket !!
  10. Total joke rule and was gutted for him. have we not got him on loan until January ?
  11. What a day hats off to all that played, worked their asses off and to the majority of the fans that backed them to the hilt and back truly emotional after the final whistle to see the ovation that the fans gave it can only get better can’t it ?
  12. Remember first game away against Fulham (at qpr) ricketts put us 1 up and we got dicked 4-1 we had a load of new players then and were all over the place so you never know.......
  13. 12/1 on bet 365 this morning We have nothing to lose tomorrow. Wycombe have no idea what team / formation / personnel we have. Big, raucous away following - get behind them from the off and who knows. Christ, if we win, a lot of beer on the way home will be paid for by our friends the bookmakers !!
  14. Could we not have registered new players this morning for a month (short term contract). I they haven't got a club and aren't owed anything - why wouldn't you sign a 1 month deal ? Re Magennis - how can you not be happy now you have been paid ??
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