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  1. As soon as I can, I’m back. The whole match day experience, when that is what you have done for so long, is so hard without.
  2. Junior had games Saturday and Sunday, but now called off due to weather, typical when just had 4 not bad weekends. daughters game still on tomorrow on 3G
  3. Right order of top 3 for me. been easier than in Australia though. in fairness the hardest trial was the last one Vernon did
  4. 93 points to play for, if we can get another 60, we won’t be far off.
  5. Not great results in league 2, but our juggernaut needs to come on winning. tranmere game going to be huge.
  6. Was getting a bit worried they were going to scrape a decent win. i can sleep well now.
  7. Proud to have picked one of those.
  8. It’s a real shame those small v big teams are played in effect behind closed doors as would have been some tricky ties in front of packed, tight, small grounds.
  9. Thought villa were excellent tonight. another crazy var offside west ham very lucky
  10. They didn’t really want him from the off, but they think the world owe them -like all north east clubs. bad that at Celtic, but he can’t have long left
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