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  1. Getting better week by week, puts a reasonable ball in, solid performer. i like him.
  2. Exactly and we had lost that winning mentality, so if we need to win a few scruffy ones to bring it back so be it. You aren’t going to win every game playing lovely football and let’s be honest, they came not to lose and made it difficult.
  3. Done ok for me, works hard, gets up and down an seen far worse
  4. Terrible really - same age as me and a big reminder that life is so precious and that you need to live for today as you never know what’s round the corner
  5. Verlinden is a great impact sub - it’s a difficult one as to do you start with him and take him off, or bring him on when they are tiring ?
  6. Let’s play a full team and go all out for the win. (although take a league win first and foremost next week)
  7. In fairness, their goalie made 4 or 5 good saves including the penalty ( that wasn’t as bad as I first thought). They were doing their level best not to lose, so the win was the main thing. enjoy the night, another win and the juggernaut moves on to accy
  8. Just as we are nearing positive points - typical
  9. Surely couldn’t be as bad as the last trip if it were to happen!!
  10. Draw on Saturday at 2-00 could this be the start of the resurrection like 1989 ?
  11. When we won this in 1989 it was the start - you never know........
  12. Back to winning ways and a return to positive territory in the league !
  13. See quite a few Macclesfield players refused to play in the fa cup today. got spanked 4-0 by a non league team. be interesting to see the ramifications. Any different from a premier team resting players ??
  14. 4 games in hand on them and play them at home soon
  15. Terrace for me and junior - new ground all round
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