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  1. At last I got one ! And she was decent. 53, 58
  2. Just shows how random this league is. Keep grinding out wins and we won’t be far off.
  3. 10 off play offs and 10 off relegation. Season fizzling out.....
  4. That was his first game - didn’t even realise he had left fleetwood !
  5. Always underperform here in front of a big following. so 0-2 with no fans
  6. Evatt wanting to prove point. 2-0
  7. 25 shots, but only 5 on target ! specsavers I think ....
  8. Got to be something suspicious - at least he’s ok
  9. Won away again. but still in bottom 4 and bottom 7 all within 3 points. Wimbledon, burton won as well, Rochdale, Swindon drew
  10. Great tempo first half, but only scoring 1 did leave me feeling nervy until the second went in. hats off to all players today, worked tirelessly closing down and a very professional performance. agree about Baptiste, he has made me eat my words - so hats off we finally got a penalty as well !
  11. He was still moaning about our game after they lost to Cambridge, so god help today.
  12. Said it all really didn’t it
  13. Surely tip it backwards over the bar........
  14. Not sure, never ventured to past the midlands in his managerial career. at the time wouldn’t have said he was a bad shout - but he has gone down in my estimations big time last few weeks
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