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  1. bwfc_sue

    Fish & Chips

    Is there really a chippy there?
  2. I have to take the rest of the week off work due to the weather!!!!!!!!
  3. bwfc_sue

    Lost Posts

    Hur! Hur! Hur!
  4. bwfc_sue

    Spotted On Youtube

    Was that Willies intestines hanging out? Poor Willie!
  5. bwfc_sue

    Lost Posts

    Make a change from you viewing mucky sites!
  6. bwfc_sue

    Spider's Fact Of The Day

    Please change that avatar pic it makes me pee ffs!!!
  7. bwfc_sue

    Wanderers 2 Hull 2

  8. bwfc_sue

    Tea Today

    Anyone I may know so I can gatecrash?
  9. bwfc_sue

    Tea Today

    A few jars!
  10. bwfc_sue

    Spotted At Manchester Airport

    Nope! Ive not a scooby who it is Edit: I hope it's not just me who can't see the pic?
  11. bwfc_sue

    Fecking Christmas

    What an absolute rave!!!!
  12. bwfc_sue

    Fecking Christmas

    Two bags of salt and vinegar crisps and two orange viscount biscuits for this kiddo. CBA cooking!
  13. Of course I'll bloody be! Stupid question!

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