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Found 2 results

  1. Brexit. Head said in. Heart said out. Decided it was an out vote. Then saw some blokes up leigh today running an "out" campaign. Thick as fuck. All they wanted to go on about was immigration and 'they' have taken 300000 jobs in the last year at the expense of UK people. Asked why the UK people didn't take the jobs up when minimum wage applies to all these so called official job numbers to be told "errr dunno". I suggested that it was because most UK unemployed are bone idle shit, and he went on about the tories. Might as well have gone on about the tooth fairy. Or Arthur fucking Scargill. Still, I'm voting out and it's nowt to do with immigration. What's your vote?
  2. What is that "mate" of mine Sadiq Khan trying to achieve ? You lost you demented little cretin, get over it and concentrate on your job you terrorist sympathiser.
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