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All Star Wars is shit.

That's why half of this forum want to fuck you,.

yeah its the kind of film you'd take your kids to see but i dont think you have any sprogs. i cant believe we are the same age.   and kevin spacey is a great actor, owen 'cock nose' wilson is not.

It was ok, just felt like an extended couple of episodes from where it finished. Not sure what else I was expecting really. 

At least they didn’t milk it for a full series like so many others have.

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12 minutes ago, Matt said:

Only just found out the Irish man is a Netflix film and will be available only a couple of weeks after the cinema release 08/11/19.

Looks brilliant I read the book which is excellent 

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The Hangover director is the same chap who made Joker. Just goes to show what you can do with some proper material.

Been enjoying Amazon Prime's Fright Fest lately. Mainly B-movies but some good ones all the same. Watched Cannibal Ferox the other day and tonight I have Chernobyl Diaries on.

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