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The origin of the Lever End ha, ha, ha ha song..........    

It's not the colour of the shirt... it's the badge on the chest that matters

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9 minutes ago, radcliffewhite1 said:

The old boys could learn from young H leadership qualities 

Aye, legend amongst the youth is H, start off with a crate of Stella, run rings round pops, once home it's a quick change of clobber and off to rave.

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On 15/02/2021 at 12:10, nantwichwhite said:

Taggert was a big fucker I once saw him stood in the doorway at the Fox and Stork on Halliwell. He filled the whole doorway, if he grabbed hold of you it wouldn’t be pleasant. The game seems bereft of characters like that now, I miss that.

A mate was in the platinum suite when Oasis played in 2000 

Taggart was there with other ex and random players  

Chatting to him at the bar, Taggart had a jacket on and a bottle of vodka in either inside pocket which he swigged from in between pints

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Just watching some old roadrunner stuff on YouTube. The quality, compared with the shit we’re currently paying a tenner to watch, is brilliant. This iFollow is fucking atrocious!

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Just now, Zico said:

Seen the photo before, but that's the First post match interview I've seen where they're having a cig

Think we have all seen "the" photo , but this is a really significant window into one of the most important moments in the clubs history 

Am sure had this been in the public domain at the time of Nats death , parts of it would have been shown in the aftermath tributes 

Makes you wonder what else is out there in some forgotten cupboard waiting to be found


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4 hours ago, jayjayoghani said:

Bill Ridding was 47 at the time of that interview. Them fellas had hard lives. 

Ha ha!  Busby was only 49 and Harry Gregg 25.  They don't make 'em like them and Nat any more.

Good to hear "they're a great bunch of lads" was already around back then, and "anything can happen at Wembley".

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