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more nonsense from the bitter bastard...




Bolton fans may have tried to airbrush him out of their history, but Gary Megson hasn't forgotten.


He hasn't forgotten the stick he took at the Trotters, from the night he was appointed in October 2007 and a "scruffy git" told him he wasn't wanted to the day two years later when he was finally hounded out.


Neither has he forgotten the lack of recognition he got for saving Bolton from oblivion, or for being the only Bolton boss to beat Manchester United at the Reebok, or for making history by guiding them to the last 16 of the old UEFA Cup.


Bolton fans, in their haste to hail current manager Owen Coyle as the Messiah, conveniently overlook the fact that his success has been built on the solid foundations laid by Megson.




All this rankles with the proud Megson and as he begins another salvage job at his beloved Sheffield Wednesday - "a miles bigger club than Bolton" - he is keen to put the record straight.


"It sticks in my craw, the stick I took," he said. "I'm the only English manager to go to Red Star Belgrade and win - and we did it with the reserve team.


"I must be the only man in history who got slagged off on the radio for winning 4-1 at Sunderland.


"It's difficult to stomach, because people don't realise how much trouble that club was in. I got there and the staff were fighting among themselves, there were two different camps of players. All that had to be brought together.


"It was public knowledge that they were ?96million in debt, so imagine what would have happened if that club had gone down.


"The average age when I was there was 32. I leave after two years and the average age is 26. Out of the squad I took over, we got rid of 34 players and only two went to Premier League clubs, which would suggest that 32 of them were not up to the job.


"When Sammy Lee left Bolton, they asked Abdou Meite what could be done and he said something like, there's only Sam Allardyce or Jesus Christ who can save Bolton from getting relegated. I'm neither, but we still did it.


"Not only did we keep them up, we took them to mid-table, we lowered the wage bill, we lowered the running costs massively, saving them millions. In total the net spend was ?9m.


"I'm incredibly pleased that everything I did was justified."





Oh FFS, its getting boring now. Why have folk still got such a raving fucking hardon for the bloke????


And for the record, everything written is fucking true, not fucking nonsense!!

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Somebody who caused so much in-fighting and ill feeling at our club will never be forgotten.

I'll always blame those who turned on their own.

for me sjm has told it how it is,   =D>   a true wanderer!   gary megson go fuck yourself you bitter ginger cunt   get on with your own job as we dont give 2 fucks for you here

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He didn't lower the wage bill and he didn't lower the running costs massively.


The truth is the club's debt increased massively while he was manager and was allowed to spend millions that will never be recouped on the likes of Shittu and Elmander

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