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Jew cares?

They can piss themselves all they want but our away support in europe was shit hot. I was so proud of our support every game with the amount we took. Everybody i met on european aways was a nutter or

A very lucky girl you?ve got there mate.   My split dick is banned from the Reebok, as she says stuff like its only a game & will you sit down people are staring at you.

Guest bwfcdan
Obviously their allocation has been very small - Stoke would sell more tickets than us for any game,home or abroad.


Your wrong fella. They had plenty of tickets available, they just couldn't shift them. They even cancelled the official travel due to lack of interest. Not just this game either, they've only took a few hundred to the other games in Europe. They took around a 1,000 to Switzerland. Don't care if they have better league followings than us, there followings in Europe are utter shite.

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what was the highest?..munich?


edit...i have to ask as although i was present at all but a couple,they have now all merged to one big trip and havint the foggiest idea of how many were there who i met and how i got there! :drinks:

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