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You could have put Roberto Carlos in at left back for the first half of this season and he would have looked bad, such were the huge, empty, left sided midfielder spaces he'd have had in front of him.


Robbo's not the greatest left back, but he's solid enough for me when he's got the bit of support and cover a left back should be able to count on.


Shame if Alonso is out after looking much more promising last night, but it's the shape and the work ethic that have been the problem more than Paul Robinsons limitations as a footballer up to now.


Hopefully, we went some way to sorting that out last night.

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Anyone to come through the academy set up at Real Madrid can't be utter dog shit.


He does have the talent, just not had the chance luck with injuries.


Why not? Nicky Hunt came through United, so did Paul Wheatcroft, David Brown etc. plus hundreds of other kids that never made it. Real will produce dozens of people each year who will never make it in professional football. The Real connection is a total red herring.

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big problem?


hes barely played anyway.


and im not convince about the "great talent" part either.




petrov looked just as good with robbo behind him yesterday.



We were exposed at the back with Robbo on; at times Robbo was not to be seen and seems to like holding Cahill or Zak Knight's hands because he drifts into the middle to much


Fair play to Alonso for a great game up to his injury and Petrov was a lot better last night

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