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Do You Have A Second Team? Confession Time.

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do you have a second team or a team that you simply dont mind?


living here,every football fan i know supports a team,but follow blackpool and vice versa.


but do any of you truthfully clench a fist when another team score?


or do you keep a cheeky eye out for the results of another team?


come on folks be honest.this is wanderersways.i for one will not judge you.

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Real b?tis   And Bolton reserves

There's something wrong with you fuckers.   You can only have one team.

Don't have a second team. But the first team I ever supported was.............. QPR.


haha...for some reason as 4 year old kid i told my old man i was now supporting fulham and reading combined!

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Really? These things happen?


I confess, my opinion of you has changed.


New years resolution,.... stop drinking between chrimbo & newyear, it only burns your eyes with blasphemy & makes the baby Jesus weep.


(Government health warning, Do Not.. feed Bowtun Baked with alcohol, during festive periods. Keep in a cool dark place until needed.)

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Born and bred in Bolton (until I was 14 anyhow) before moving to Chorley so keep an eye on Chorley's results and attend the odd match when Wanderers aren't playing.


Did go on Preston every so often but now all my mates who used to follow Preston all have a "Premier League team", usually ManUre, Citeh or Liverpool, so lost a bit of interest in them as my mates did.


Feels a bit odd watching someone else though, never quite have the same passion.

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I've always had a thing for teams that play in orange, though I don't know why. I have a soft spot for Blackpool, usually (semi-)support Holland in international competitions (it keep it interesting when England go out), I followed Dundee United for a while and, over this side of the pond, I tend to look for Houston Dynamo's results.


Very odd - Graham Taylor I am not :thumbsup:

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Rotherham United.


I was born there.


I am going to Cheltenham tomorrow as its a new ground and a great town.


I have been watching Rotherham this season more than Bolton.


Its more "real" at that level.


The players appear to care more and the support tends to be genuine Rotherham people.

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