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Shit Films That Were Good....

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Legend of a film."Wait,you forgot your funny dog poo"."What funny dog poo?"


Agreed. Brilliant film. Two of the best lines ever seen on screen...


'If they find out you've seen this, your life will be worth less than a truckload of dead rats in a tampon factory.'




Doctor Flamond 'You see, a year ago, I was close to perfecting the first magnetic desalinization process so revolutionary, it was capable of removing the salt from over 500 million gallons of seawater a day. Do you realize what that could mean to the starving nations of the earth?'


Nick Rivers 'Wow, They'd have enough salt to last forever.'

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Reckon theyd get away with a black character called Chocolate Mousse these days?!


In fact, here he is saving them all from death at the hands of the Nazis...


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