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Good Luck OWEN COYLE at whatever is next for.It,s a shame it did,nt work for you,but it rarely works appointing ex Players.You are too close to the club as a fan...Thanks for the memories

All piss taking apart, I used to know the bloke years ago and he's a genuinely nicebloke. One should never wish ill of nice people, so best of luck to him with whatever he does in the future. .

not everybody was calling him a cunt. its a nice touch to make a thread to wish him good luck. i certainly wish him good luck, the margins between success and failure are very fine.   its all ifs a

No but it's nice to be human once every so often

Give it a try, it may cure your anger.


so im supposed to feel sorry for a man whos got rich by ruining my club and got a fat pay off no doubt??


i will stay a heartless cunt

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In the interview he refers to "we" constantly


I take that to be him, Stewart and Davis rather than it being the royal we


I think this has contributed towards his success and downfall; a team he trusts, but perhaps too much?


And yes, a class act in leaving


I'd have preferred a class act in Managing though


He'll be back; you can tell his belief in himself and his "clan" hasn't diminished - again good and bad for him I'd say


Best of luck Owen, but the right time to move on

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Agree with juan kerr his backroom staff did not cut the mustard. Had he moved them on and appointed a proper coach the obvious choice being the best coach at the club Sammy Lee it might have saved his job. Wish the guy all the best.

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I was relieved to hear the news but also a little bit sad, I expect many felt the same.


He was very dignified on SSN today, a class act. Compare & contrast that with his predecessor!


This is exactly where I'm at.


Goodbye and good luck Owen.

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