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Utter Cnut From Radcliffe

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What made him think this was a good idea?




I don't know. He's obviously a prize prick, but is it worth 4 months in prison at the tax payers expense?


Goes back to the point somebody made the other day (Youri?) at what point does being a nobhead become a custodial offence?

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I'm surprised (been a day for surprises on here today) at Reebok, that can only mean a PR disaster for them. You can understand Barry Bulsara a.k.a. Barry George, being angry at the police though.




Joking aside, It's a shame they didn't just take him in the back of the van and give him a kicking - perhaps that was his intention?


A couple of years ago I saw a group of greb/emo/whatever you want to call them, teenagers, anyway, one of them had a T-shirt on that proclaimed 'JESUS IS A CUNT'. I couldn't help wondering if he'd have worn a similar one about the Prophet Muhammad (peace upon him :)) if he'd really wanted to be provocative. He might have even ended up immortalized on said band's next album cover...Point being, like Kent said, where do you draw the line? There could be custodial sentences all over the show if were not careful - it's really veering into thought crime territory of late, which is dangerous for all.


If someone wants to write or do something provocative - then hopefully they'll get a slap and think on before doing it again.

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Are these people attention seekers or mentally ill or both?


Is this a new disease or did we just not notice them as much before we had so much access to the internet, 24 hours news channels etc.


I wonder if the rise of the latter created more or the former?

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The cunt can share a cell with the cunt who burned poppies and proclaimed out troops were babykilling murderers who should all die.


Oh hang on a minute.


Now now that is racist......you will be saying the guy in the news the other day should also have been sent down for mockin 6 dead troops....

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Is there a special wing at Strangeways now for people who have said something a bit out of turn on Facebook etc?


Yesterday, I posted a status update which I suppose could be interpreted as in slightly bad taste about Jimmy Saville. At what point does it go past being a joke in questionable taste and become a criminal offence?


Like Youri pointed out, we're in danger of becoming a bit Orwellian about this as a nation. Self policing by the public should be enough I think. Surely when that twat strode around town with his t-shirt on, enough like minded people voiced their dissaproval? As for that emo who was walking around town proclaiming that 'Jesus is a cunt' - I once saw something similar. A teenage 'goth' wearing a mass produced t-shirt with 'Individual' emblazoned on the front. The irony was lost on her!

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Ah the good old Cradle Of Filth t-shirt. With Jesus is a Cunt on the back and a picture of a nun frigging herself with a crucifix on the front.


My mate Karl had one back in the late 90s.


Take it Karl is a bit of an attention seeking twat then.

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