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Rip To Those Poor Children....

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On hearing at 10pm that it was 2 boys aged 4 and 10 plus a woman of 32, with 2 other women seriously injured, I remembered an old friend from near Stoke who has 2 boys 6 or 7 years apart, plus a mother and sister to whom she is very close.

Then I remembered that, at a point in time, her brother-in-law was working in Holland, and quite likely to be involved continually in projects on the continent. So the possibility of a long drive home at the last minute.


Then I worked out that her boys are 12 and 6, and she is 38. The sister is of a similar age - much older than 32. Felt a bit more comfortable. Then I thought that if so many details were wrong initially, they could still be less than accurate.


Not a good night's sleep. (34C, to save you asking)

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Was going south bound and was about 20 cars from the front when they closed the motorway. Watching the helicopters land on the motorway to take them away whilst listening to the radio was heart breaking stuff.


Had to 3 point turn on the motorway to the get to next junction absolutely crazy. RIP little ens.

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a wedding in bolton

well, she had 6 in the car, so she's potentially answering some questions


Seems you're right on both counts.

4 adults and 2 kids in one car going to Amir Khan's cousin's wedding.

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