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Sickening behaviour. Just goes to show that this kind of act wasn't just for the 'backwards shit hole' that was delhi a few months back and it wasn't just for our sub continent friends.


too right



it was our for backwards scottish friends n all

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The look on a mothers face as her rapist son gets ripped to bits by a bears claws....


He won't be doing that again.


Is that a bit too deep?


Nah, too lenient IMO.

You've gone soft.


They'd need to be anally raped by a rusty chainsaw first.

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Unless they're footballers.


In which case, the slag deserved it. She was asking for it.


Please post a link to back up your comment or fuck off and die.

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Aye, an English man has never committed rape.


If the two scrotes were footballers, Wanderers Ways would be pleading their innocence.


And onto mod preview, for your own good.

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