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The Capper....the Skipper

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(Dave Higson speak)


just been on twatter and some folk are talking about our captain for this season stating they think it may be Eagles


Now whilst I don't think DF would do that, the idiots are saying they hope it's Wheater....now I don't mind chinny but we've barely seen him in a year


So who's it going to be?

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Anyone but Knight.



I've been meaning to say it in the transfer thread for weeks, no point getting strikers/mids/defenders etc. We need a captain. Really don't think we have a leader amongst the lot of them. In fact, I don't think we've had one since Nolan left.

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so a 6 foot 6 defender who went up for every corner never scored a goal last season??


fuckin pathetic


He's got two good feet, though.



































Unfortunately, he's also got 4 foot 6 of shite.

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They've made Paul Robinson capt at Birmingham for a very good reason, he opens his mouth and must talk sense obviously because he's not got it on footballing skills. Nolan got it but has the commitment and skills too. We need one or two mouths on the pitch and Knight doesn't fit this at all IMO

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