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unlike one of their workers

I know what you're saying, brother, but...   most of the sellers on Amazon have eBay shops, so it's the same sellers selling cheaper, as EBay's fees are lower than Amazon and Amazon's returns depart

Yes ive got that, it works well   The Good thing with getting One from Droid box is they update the add ons once a week, no need to fuck about   well worth extra 25 quid

Turns out our phone line isn't stable….. hence we get intermittent broadband loss…. which in turn creates buffering or loss of coverage on the Droidbox.

Just need a phone engineer out to sort.



Same with my crappy talk talk internet, the only time i have a slight issue with my skybox is down to the internet connection dropping

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Same with my crappy talk talk internet, the only time i have a slight issue with my skybox is down to the internet connection dropping



Does that Skybox need hard wiring to the router or will it work off wifi, like my android box does?

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Trafster, your MashUp should've updated to the new version now.


Mine has and I lost all the favourites I'd saved.



Oh and a handy hint for all droidbox users.  When watching live streaming, ie Sky Sports, don't ever accidently press fast forward.  Mine locked up, so I had to re-boot and then found all my XBMC home screen settings had gone back to deault settings.  Grrr.  Took me about 20 mins to sort it all out again.

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right got one yesterday, how the fuck do you set it up?

Connect it to the internet and your telly.


Then turn it on and go into XBMC.




Everything else you'll need to know will be in this thread.

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Press 'menu' when you have the film highlighted.  It should then give you the option to add to favourites.



Next time you go into the add-on you're using, go into the favourites folder and it should be there.

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Ooh, found something else whilst fannying around with MashUp.


Go into MashUp


Select MashUp Settings


Select Home Layout


Scroll Down to Mash Sports and click OK so that the box is ticked.

(Whilst your at this you can untick all the other boxes that you never use, ie HD Releases, TV Latest, Genre, etc)


Now Click Ok.


You should see a revised menu list.


Click on Mash Sports....


You've now got a comprehensive list of live sports channels such ask Sky, BT, ESPN, Setanta, etc ... and At The Races ;)  The quality of these is really good too.  Miles better than the ones on Porky's Playlist.


You're welcome.



PS - Traf, I too am getting the instruction to update MashUp to 1.4.0 (I think) ... but I've searched all available updates and can't seem to find the one to do it.  Hopefully it should take care of itself automatically over the coming days, but until then just ignore it as it seems to be working just fine.


PPS - I'm expecting multiple reacharounds for this.

Splendid, it works just like you said

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Fuckin shit this thing, sports are a no go, pictures are wank, trying to watch a film and it keeps buffering



Watch it using a different link and/or a different add-on.


Anyone who buys one of these boxes and expects to be getting HD sport and is also expecting it to be as easy to use as SKY is going to be sorely disappointed.


They require patience some a lot of the time, but for a cost of around £70 and everything that it gives you, it's a fucking bargain IMO.

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