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unlike one of their workers

I know what you're saying, brother, but...   most of the sellers on Amazon have eBay shops, so it's the same sellers selling cheaper, as EBay's fees are lower than Amazon and Amazon's returns depart

Yes ive got that, it works well   The Good thing with getting One from Droid box is they update the add ons once a week, no need to fuck about   well worth extra 25 quid

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Delete xbmc and install latest kodi from Google play. Then search on YouTube how install silenceROM custom build. Very easy to follow guides. All sky sports BT sports etc are included in the build. Has a tv guide like sky so very easy to navigate. All the add ons and repository are included in build.


Shaun, is this what you were offering to do for me.... is it that simple? Basically, do I just wipe the entire Android Box and start again?

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No you only need to uninstall xbmc. Then download kodi off Google play.

Then youtube total installer for kodi.

Loads of different custom builds to play around with. Choose one which suits you best. I can still do it for you if needed but away on holiday next week.

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Been telling you for months ste. For on demand movies and tv shows you can't beat um but for sports and live tv s a lot of messing about. You just have to try different add ons to find good streams.

I've done a lot of reading up online but these sellers shouldn't be bashing um out as a straight replacement for sky. I'd look at a skybox or zgamma if you want reliable sports

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just out of interest, i stuck kodi on the laptop


the films work fine


turks works ok


but the live tv on epg's, don't


get a message about pvrs not loaded


i won't be putting much effort as the quality will piss me off but it would be nice to have the option

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Casino you have to manually link each channel to a stream which you have saved. It's a Fucking ball ache and the streams go down all the time. It used to be linked to an add on called iptv stalker. That's gone to subscription only.


turks it is then


+ four Sky HD subs :)

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