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2 hours ago, Traf said:

Black (?) or white, male, female or binary etc, all we want are people who know what they're talking about.


There is a clear movement towards more inclusivity for BAME / female presenters and I'm all for it as long as they're better than whoever is doing the job now.

Agree with what you're saying, I'd add that its about delivery and voice as well as knowledge.  If they all sound like Alan Ball it doesn't matter how much knowledge they've got, its hard to listen to if they are commentating.  Jacqui Oatley was good on Sunday Supplement for a few months earlier this year, she knows her stuff, but when she commentates on MOTD or the radio, I have to turn it off, too screechy.  

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That's a picture from the upcoming book "Camberwick Green Street" by Windy Miller. Excerpt: I remember one time me and Mr Caraway the fishmonger decided to teach those Trumpton cunts a lesson once a

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2 hours ago, DirtySanchez said:

I'd rather listen to her than the likes of Chris Sutton who just gets angry so he can sound controversial

Yes, very annoying.  Permanently playing either the pantomime villain or the resident comedian, very little normal discussion.  On 5 live its like they can no longer have a discussion without loads of bantz and mickey taking to the detriment of getting their points over.  I don't mind it from a natural like Ian Wright because that's his personality, its the forced humour just for the sake of it that grates.

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2 hours ago, ZicoKelly said:

it's "amusing" listening to Robbie Savage and Sam Quek (who isn't even a footballer) on R5 (or any other male ex footballer they have on) - they all can't wait to talk over her and clearly don't take her that seriously - Savage always seems to be questionning the logic behind any of her opinons in order to make her look stupid

Surely quek should just shut up, and let savage talk in order to make him look stupid

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51 minutes ago, emus wig said:

Glen Johnson on soccer Saturday is fuckin abysmal haven’t seen anybody worse than him male or female .

No way is he worse than Pot Noodle scouse Sue..... not in a million years, nobody is.

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10 minutes ago, Mr Grey said:

Ffs @radcliffewhite1... these fuckers are gonna have us down as Spurs fans now 😏

you are both fans of the premiership, and follow a lower league team , (just to try and give you some cred) doesn't work,pinky.

Edited by victor meldrew
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1 minute ago, victor meldrew said:

you are both fans of the premiership, and follow a lower league team , (just to try and give you some cred) doesn't wort ,pinky.

Swivel on this Meldrew 🖕



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1 minute ago, emus wig said:

Ex-scouser 😐

Johnson... oh yeah forgot about his illustrious career at Murderpool, fake scouser though, not like Dalglish who became an adopted scouser.

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