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Anyone. But. Them.

Ok genius, go and re read what I wrote, then tell me in what way am I claiming to be a super fan?   I am still baffled as to how, when the EQUALISER goes in, not the WINNER, people leave in droves.

I'm glad they got the second Reckon it would've been four or five if it went to extra time I came away happy and proud Any fcuking amateur tacticians really need to give it a rest, tonight Maybe i

I've known the orange warriors get shirt with folk standing on row Z. I think someone was blocking the advert.


My ESL season ticket was row Z and we used to get moaned at for blocking the ads.

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No trains after the game



LIVERPOOL - Trains from Horwich Parkway
Northern Rail is advising all football fans planning on using the train to travel to Wanderers’ FA Cup fourth round replay against Liverpol on Wednesday 4 February that there will be no trains from Horwich Parkway after 21.30.
Fans should find alternative means of transport and use supporters’ coaches where available.
This is due to electrification work by Network Rail.
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