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Anyone. But. Them.

Ok genius, go and re read what I wrote, then tell me in what way am I claiming to be a super fan?   I am still baffled as to how, when the EQUALISER goes in, not the WINNER, people leave in droves.

I'm glad they got the second Reckon it would've been four or five if it went to extra time I came away happy and proud Any fcuking amateur tacticians really need to give it a rest, tonight Maybe i

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I hope they go on and win it now


Great cup tie.


Good luck LFC

That club is a shower of cunts from top to bottom.


I'd rather get buried in a Man Utd coffin that have any association with it.


Shameful young Ryan.

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Trotter looked more fucked than everyone else, he was only on for 25 minutes!!!


Dont Think you can blame anyone though.


Clough made a mistake giving ball away leading to sending off, but won the penalty.


Gave everything today, just beaten by another worldie in injury time.


proud of every single one of them.

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Right, anyone coming on here with criticisms of any of our players or tactics need to have a day off. That was a great effort, well done lads. Let's celebrate the good stuff. Proud to be a Wanderer.


Ryan, not now son. Thanks.

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Liverpool were the team the sad glory hunting cunts supported at school. Before they jumped ship to United in later years.


If you see grown men from Bolton supporting Liverpool, you have them sussed out straight away.

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Fantastic effort from the whole team. Actually managed to watch this game (it was on TV over here) and I can't really fault a single one of the lads.


Anyone hoping Liverpool win the cup can just piss off. Vastly overrated team. Here's hoping Chungy knocks them out in the next round.

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Utter scouse rats. Hope Palace beat them and Pardew streaks over to the away end.


We were brilliantly organised tonight by Lennon. Mills up top was a shock but it seemed to work. The Back four did great marshalled by Wheater and Dervite. Danns made two tackles and got two yellows..very unlucky.


Gerrard telling the ref to send him off is a cunts trick. Hope he leaves without any trophies this season.


To keep them quiet with minimal chances was superb. Very proud of the collective effort tonight. We didnt deserve that.

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