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It's a fucking friendly and the Mgr has been in place about 24 minutes.   And they fucking won   How about going into the season together and positive   If they play and behave like last season t

Well done Moxey.

Bore off

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I couldn't give a shit the teams we have beaten in pre-season have been from lower leagues than us, winning never reduces confidence.


Been years since we won more than 1 or 2 pre-season games. Also been years since we made a decent start to the season - maybe there's more to it than just improving fitness


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The character of our dressing room still ain't right imo we still waiting on the clear out catalyst then we'll have half a chance

Horse shit. (My "opinion")

You don't know that.

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The problem with the 'shithouses in the dressing room' theory is, if somehow the gods look down benignly on us and we manage to ship out Davies, Pratley et al, it's likely there'd just be promotions from within to the shithouse ranks, already Amos and Moxey are now lumped in with the long-term wastes of space. We can't keep blaming a 'culture' that will arguably replicate anyway, a bit like a zombie infestation - the buck has to stop somewhere or we'll be saying 'it'll be reet when we get rid of these overpaid shithouses on 600 quid a week swanning around in their Ladas and drawing on their arms with biros and we get in some hungry lads who'll play for their bus fare and a pie and pint, or better still, nowt...'

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Went to the York game, in philosophical mood, and came away reasonably positive.  Plus points were:


- The centre backs - although not exactly tested I saw enough to believe that Beevers (especially) and Finney will be solid;

- Mavies looked interested, lively, and trust he can display that he's a cut above at this level;

- Reckon Pratley will be a massive player for us this season, assuming he stays;

- Yep it was only York, but certainly first half we were knocking it about OK.


Other observations:


- Madine looked inert even against York;

- Proctor - looked willing but not sure if he's got that goalscorer's instinct - early days but have a fear of him being Madine #2

- I'm definitely still not Josh Vela's biggest fan :)

- Still laughing at how tiny Samizadeh is :)


My twopenn'oth anyroad...

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Last 2 friendlies. Let's get some semblance of a starting team against sheff Utd



Wilson beevers dervite moxey

Spearing pratley

Davies Clough Clayton



(Appreciate Clough will probably not be fit)

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I can see us getting ripped a new one tonight



Are they that good? They grind out results rather than be spectacular doubt there will be more 1 or 2 in it. I see your you are normal happy self today. :)

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