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They claim to be Anti Fascist whilst shouting down and attacking anyone with a different opinion as them.   Which is pretty much exactly what Fascism is. 

I am not having that, yours was a deliberate use of the quote out of context. It's a clear example of your belief that you are better educated and more intelligent than other posters on here and you w

Tough day at the office today - but RBH did its bit......

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33 minutes ago, Tonge moor green jacket said:

I heard that Micky.

Thought he was locked up initially for terrorism offences.

He's a good boy of course.

She also said he was a nice polite boy.......hmmm.


Nice polite and good boys don't end up in prison for terrorism offences.

Unless of course ...." I say old bean, would it be awfully spiffing if one runs amok with a big fuck off machete whilst wearing the latest fashion accessory of a fake suicide vest"


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Just now, Widnes Two Hats said:

I was referring the the BBC's inconsistant reporting rather than if he was actually a far right terrorist actually. 

The letter or supposed revealing of its contents changed their reporting of this. This morning the headline had no mention of the far right - but as other press have details - then they changed - its still down as "suspected" rather than confirmed. Not really sure what the issue is. 

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6 minutes ago, Widnes Two Hats said:

He left a letter of confession saying what?

And what the fucking hell are right-wing conspiracy theories? Was he saying he wanted Germany to leave the EU?

Supposedly the letter talked about the need to "wipe out" people Germany wouldn't expel...so the media report. 

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