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Cavity Wall Insulation

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When i used to do removals, used to see loads of damp houses with cavity wall insulation, akin to what Barry said above.. 


our house has it at the front but we have that many drafts it doesn't make a blind bit of difference. 


I'm assuming it's those little beads as i've never actually seen people doing it.. They might take them out, knock on a house round the corner and install it again :P

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Had it done a few years back but found it made little difference particularly in one room that has 3 outside walls, no damp problem but certainly no warmer.


A couple of years back had that room decorated and lined with Wallrock thermal liner which I found made a hell of a difference. Walls now warmer to touch

and less heating required to get up to a reasonable temperature.  Downside is that it is expensive and not the easiest to hang.

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Had ours done years ago. No damp issues and knew nothing of it until a phone call a few days ago. I explained no damp issues and the bloke said he'd remove me from the list. The latest ppi thing which is fair enough if it's been installed incorrectly.


As for silicone resin treatments on masonry, it's been a long time since I was involved in that field, but they were being used on masonry on historic buildings to prevent corrosion from pollution.

They may be overpaintable (unlike silicone oils ) but couldn't say with any confidence

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The CIGA say they have a guarantee for the cavity wall insulation on. I was gonna pay to have it removed, fuck it, solicitor job now. :thumbsup: 


I've had to replace two floors, joists and boarding, took loads of pics.

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I considered k rend but Windows will be coming out and told that will damage the render

Think i mentioned this up the thread but every house I come across having k rend has new windows fitted first. Then the bloke doing the k rend proceeds to coat the new windows in the stuff.


Never understand why the windows can't go in after the k rend has gone on?


There must be a reason that they have to seal up to window or whatever but surely big shiny new windows would best going in last.


We've looked at getting repointed but for the hassle we may as well just get it K rendered.


Loft insulation and boards going in next week. Had enough of this shit.

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