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Food Festival 2018

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They need to knock it on the head then possibly. Although I'm sure they waste plenty more money on other shit that doesn't bring people into the town Edited by Sweep
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The vast majority of folk who attend just walk around the stalls, dropping the big name and costly chef demos/shows will hardly effect numbers and make a chunky in road into costs.


But there is bugger all chance of some business pragmatism when there’s tax payers money to be had.

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A rare, and no doubt accidental, wise investment of our money was buying into Manchester Airport...


They've borrowed against their future dividends from this to buy the fucking shite 60's carbuncle that is the Arndale - just as High Street shopping slithers down the pan like a cumbersome turd.

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Aye. But the stallholders also pay, so something's not right.


I've never been, but I understand that it's very good.


It's a shame that it's losing money hand over fist, hopefully an itemised bill will appear, so that folk know what particular costs are draining the money away

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