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“Bullying” advice

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I find parents can sometimes be the problem; as mentioned, it's learned behaviour. There are some self righteous pricks who think little Johnny, or Jemima would do no wrong...


I'm presently in a situation where my lad took a bit of beating off a girl who has long been unruly, but refused to fight back. This girls parent has come out a proclaimed she is the victim because she was standing up to a bully who pushed another boy over! Transpires my lad and another have ran into each other during a rugby match in PE. The story has been confirmed by a parent and member of staff who witnessed it, but still accepts no responsibility. 

Both kids were punished to differing extents- my lad for not being careful kept in for one break, the girl all week and threatened with expulsion.

School clamped down on it immediately, and dealt with it harshly but fairly in my opinion. All three kids were friends the next day, as is their nature. Let's hope it ends there.

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Yep, apparently you can't accidently knock someone over.


You know why Salford are so perenially fucking shit.


It goes on- I've had a word with those who have accused him of intentionally pushing the lad over, but rather than apologise, they are just bemoaning the punishment, saying he's no angel!


FFS, not saying he is, just that there is a difference between trying to kick fuck out of someone and making contact in a contact sport... The whole truth may be a shade of grey, but some folk wear blinkers. I know my lad, he can be a pain in the arse, squabbles and sulks; but he is different with sport. he plays to win, he is hard but fair- he makes sure everyone is alright and looks after others.

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Thats frankly ridiculous. Seems to me like the school are bordering on the bullying.

FFS, sport is often physical, but played in the correct spirit is character building. Then we've got NHS telling us the dangers of inactivity and diabetes etc.

Hope he doesn't take it to heart, and carries on playing with gusto!

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