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all games are shit at the moment

As it stands at the moment, without Ken there isn't a Bolton Wanderers. And that doesn't change whether you like him or not. And if he just gives up, then there won't be one in the future, or certainl

I've got a way of testing them

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15 hours ago, Bigtoe said:

Just commented on that what a knob

Hope someone sets it on fire with it in his hands

It's fucking comedy, its up there with some of the shite Wenger Out ones from last year. 

Wouldn't take more than a warm pie to send it up in flames tbh. Good job there no chance of that at the wanderers. 

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7 minutes ago, Kane57 said:

They see and hear everything 

It was hardly kept quiet was it? Broadcast on radio and splashed all over the BN.

What did he think would happen? A bloke leads a protest against a business owner - is he expecting said business owner to welcome him in with open arms?



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7 minutes ago, gonzo said:

Aye not a wise move this Kenneth.

The straw poll my iles did today and the Q&A reaction suggested the protest wouldn’t be all that.

This will only ramp it up a notch or two.

Yeah. He's a bit Corbynesque is Ken. Seems unable to help himself at times even when he's been given a free run at goal with the keeper out of action.....

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I personally would let it go


Its funny to see how much piss is being boiled by some of our fans

McGinlay called out the owner, manager and his old teammates, hardly going to be welcomed with open arms and sided with Isles

Kens not called out Jack Dearden and he was there

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