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Bolton v Reading

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Depends how much their strikers cost? if it’s more than ours then we have an excuse early doors

Good. Better live than red.

He definitely will have the stadium to himself soon. Look im not proud of it and fair play to all who keep turning up especially away ( nutters!) but i just cant take it anymore. I am a ST holder and

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3 minutes ago, burnden said:

A must win i reckon , they will be rested after having no cup game ..Honestly wouldn't be surprised to see us lose .. 1-2

PP can't keep using this as an excuse. He's said he's resting plenty anyhow.

If we're shit and lose I too won't be surprised.

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2 hours ago, Tonge moor green jacket said:

Snowed off.

Reading team bus, sliding around in a blizzard on M61; only to arrive as the ref says no way.

I hope so. Just in time before I set off down the M61...

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4 minutes ago, Tonge moor green jacket said:

Weather warning from 9.00 pm tomorrow night according to BBC local forecast. :(

Fucking great - so I can get down there but not get back!!! Unless I leave at half time :ph34r:

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