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Give it a fucking rest eh  ‘somebody’s moral expectations of someone are very different to the legal obligations you know that and I know that. So why don’t you lay off patronising folk Chris and

I really cannot wait for the day we don’t have to read the words moonshift, Inner fucking circle, blue bastard marble or any piece of shit word associated to this horrible draining 3 year bullshit sag

Fucking massive clear out coming on WW later, either way.

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6 minutes ago, birch-chorley said:

What times admin o clock? 

Game called off due to SAG not admin unfortunately. I have a bad feeling admin card won’t be played today. Davies family are painfully silent.

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More to the point ...we are now guilty of misconduct, which if we have a club in a few weeks ( that's a big IF) , then we are due some further "sanctions / punishment" 

Extra points deductions , maybe even worse ....

Sad isn't it ?


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2 minutes ago, famouswanderer said:

I have never truly believed liquidation was likely, until now.

I feel sick to the stomach right now. I think we are going to the wall. 

I’m with you on that. Ken or Davies family need to get some statements out ASAP. I fear we are truly up shit creek now though.

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