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Don’t be such a tool. he was all we had AT THE TIME. everyone knows he’s a cunt. But we simply had to hope he didn’t fuck us over. he has, but no one has “backed” him, it’s been hope at

Id' only go to this if I was helicoptered there in the company of the New York Jets cheerleading squad, all taking it in turns to pipe me off, stroke my nuts and squirt Dom Perignon down my throat fro

See I think they’re doing more than expected simply by turning up. if I hadn’t been paid, I’d give up too. Doesn’t matter what your wage is, you live accordingly and it’s fucking criminal that th

I genuinely doff my cap to anyone going to Derby, absolute credit to them for making the ultimate effort when the club is in the gravest situation in its entire history.

I’d also suggest a trip to the K2 Ward.

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33 minutes ago, Mounts Kipper said:

Went last season, left 10 minutes after HT. think this could be 5-6-7 - 0. 

Watched 40 minutes of the second half on the concourse with a beer. We looked dead and buried that day. No chance of the miracle happening two years in a row. 

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Isaac is making a rare outing to Derby, but you can fcuk off with going in the match sheer depression after my last visit when we didn't start to play until we were 3 bout down. Train & Derby Town Centre for this dick head.



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5 minutes ago, leadfrog1 said:

Has the takeover chat been disabled? it's gone... message limit? 

Just popped back to check the latest news , wondering the same?

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