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25 minutes ago, BWFC_LOVE said:

Grew up next door to my nanna. There’s a picture of me with Garry Flitcroft as a toddler. 

Led to believe Stephen was the most talented but loved a session too much and Garry was the most dedicated. 

I went to school with Steven, from infants to high school (Turton). Remember him being a very talented player and he was at Blackburn after leaving school but he got released.

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Before we got Rioch I wanted Dario Gradi. I think we should go for him, as we need some better PR.

Lived in Rochdale for yonks and saw a lot of Dale over the years, especially in that spell that led to first promotion from L2, as has been said, never had any money but oversaw great work in the acad

Just heard from The Bantry Club on Derby St, that a well known local sauce company have been successful in their bid, with the proviso that the new manager plays five up front. It’s a clear case

Another one happy with this. A Bolton man for our great club. Do a job similar to ipswich did last year and start to think about next season. Their joint track record suggests we could be in for a good time. 

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3 hours ago, burnden said:


Happy with ‘Peaky Hill’, As has been said I was worried Kevin Nolan would lose his hero status and I reckon Hill n Flitcroft have already been scouting/recruiting getting a team together whilst JP has filled in.   I’ve got a warm glow about this.  

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Must be the most Boltonian the club's been in donkey's years.

Co-owner, manager, assistant, head of academy, couple of the youngsters who'll be around the first team squad this year ... and we've already had a Boltonian captaining the side this season.

Liking Hill's reputation for playing good football and bringing through the youth according to Rochdale fans.

Really positive move this, adds to the feel that it's the beginning of a new - and much brighter - era.

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Is it too early to mention that I’ve read on here that Hill was a United fan in his youth?

That’s the only foundation I have for this. Happy with the appointment. Onwards and upwards. 

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13 minutes ago, Okocha10 said:

Rochdale fans opinions on Hill make an interesting read https://www.fansnetwork.co.uk/members/rochdale/forum/246278/keith-hill/#48

Think there's some fair comments on there. Also think that they are better as a partnership than individually and Hill did lose his way at the end.

Surprised at the Sweetmore comments...thought they loved their Manc music playing announcer :D

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Coming out the other side of the Dartford tunnel when the news broke of Hills arrival. Happy with the appointment and badly needed. As previously pointed out tries to play football the right way and knows the lower leagues well

He needs to find a few leaders from somewhere to play with some of these kids. 

‘Keith Hills Super White Army’

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Sound, sensible appointment. Quietly confident he will get us back on the right track and if we can finally see some entertaining football then he’ll do for me!

Does anybody know why he left Dale, did he resign or was he sacked?

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11 minutes ago, DavidLeesMullet said:

A decent record to be sure, but he has a vertual mission impossible at Bolton. 

Wish him the best though. 

It's a free hit this year. Nobody particularly expecting survival. Perfect environment to build for next season. 

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