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Normally I'd say "7pm KO, get f*cked!" and "B-team Trophy, get f*cked!" But on this occasion, junior & I Are in.

He's 17. He had a superb game. A 23 year old has absolutely no need to do anything there. A lad of that age missing a penalty in a meaningless game. Leave it alone. Senior deserved nothing other

I'd exclude anyone who writes an open letter. Full stop. Two bob cunt.

Massive statement of intent from the fans tonight. And the players - excellent to a man. We were the better side for large parts of that game and saw some of the best football from a Bolton side for a number of years. The build up play to a couple of the chances would have made them goal of the season contenders if they'd gone in. And Politic might just be a little bit special.

Brilliant night. Loved it. 

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Didn’t have much of a clue who was playing or the system, no idea what we needed to do (win. Lose or draw), thanks to the pa guy at the end telling us. But apart from all that a real old fashioned Bolton night.

Watching families and decent hard working folk supporting their local team and applauding everything the lads did was a marvellous thing to be a part of.

If we can keep 50% of this kind of support in next few weeks we will be on a roll and the momentum will be as good as it was in the early 90’s.

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Great effort and some nice football at times

Thought Weir was a class act

Politic, Senior and Zouma were excellent, and hats off to Alexander in goal

Crowd was fantastic

Donaldson didnt dissapoint - absolute dogshit

And an Anderson being a twat right at the end too

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Brilliant all round. We did a quick guestimate and got to around 11000. 

Fucking awful last penalty, but didn't spoil a good night.

A shout out to the way these lads have been schooled. Keep trying to play in a particular way. Great to see. Much better than shite served up in recent times.

On that performance, another year in their development, and many of them could form the basis of a team to play in league 2 if we go down.

Makes the manager's job a bit easier.

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42 minutes ago, Burndens Bogs said:

Great atmosphere tonight, the support for our young 'uns has been fantastic this season.

Just goes to show what can happen when we are underdogs and some of our fans aren't trying to lord it over other clubs - completely different psychology - no-hopers against the world. And the bonus is that Hill and Flitcroft got the chance to get a close up look at the kids, some of whom may well have to play a part in the team moving forward. Remember this feeling.

Hopefully the band of rejects we just recruited will get the same support without expectation - and hopefully the support the kids got will inspire them to do great things.

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Just now, RoadRunnerFan said:

Wtf happened to the free programmes? 

Must have gone by the time I arrived. 

Fucking shambles.

Brittan, Beaugaerd and James OUT!


It was a folded up piece of A4 in black and white. You haven't missed much 

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9 minutes ago, Mounts Kipper said:

How good is Zouma, he could be premier league class. 

A great prospect. Started to lose a bit of discipline in terms of shape late on, coming out of the back line, but understandable given they were getting tired.

Politic again impressed. A real threat running at defences. Good energy and should do well with better players around him.

Surely worth a place in the new first team squad.

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22 minutes ago, Ani said:

Have to say I got quite emotional when they had to open the East Stand. 

Glad it wasn't just me! We arrived about 10 to 7 and the queue was snaking out if the ground. Couldn't get in North Stand - got in West bit pretty clear there were thousands who weren't going to get a seat. Marched around to the ESL. Felt like I was part of something special again. Pure support. Loved tonight.

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Just got back enjoyed the game , great to see a cracking turn out to welcome in the new gaffer and to say thank you to the yoof , sat with Biff who used to post on here .....Love this club me.

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Wounded... Took the lad straight from training in Padiham after realising it kicked off late (didn't think to question why), got there just after second half kicked off. 

Could hear the crowd as we parked up and legged it. Few turnstiles open, but unmanned... Spoke to steward, no way we were getting in; not via reception, nor by hook or crook... Was fuming at the time, and the lad gutted. First time I've ever been turned away from the place... Kinda understand why now



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