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Lincoln away

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What about the camera position btw? Quality...Just need to catch a fucking break. Passing it quite well but every time the ball comes loose it lands to one of theirs. Not been in their box yet tho as I can remember? Why do we insist on taking quick free kicks? Launch the cunt into the box and see what happens 

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5 minutes ago, superjohnmcginlay said:

We do we just stand off and let them run not just tonight either, 

Been thinking that for a bit. We seem to start sluggish, feel our way into things.

Looking at the goal, their play was decent and players moving.

Our full back showed the agility and pace of a supertanker, and the centre half was too passive and failed to attack the cross.

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Our front six may as well be sat with me

Our right back is going backwards with each passing week

Edwards is excused and the centre backs seem ok

Shows how far we have come when we dont expect a free header from 6 yards to end up in the net, so well done daryl on that at least

Manage expectations

Its made for the new fella cos we aint creating anything

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Daryl Murphy actually offers us nothing what so ever appreciate his goals but his overall play for us is shocking. Never chases the ball properly allowing their CB’s to have all the time in the world with the ball. Emmanuel is a fucking liability for us defending wise also 

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1 minute ago, kent_white said:

More worrying for me is that there's no real team identity. It was a shit watch under Parky - but I always got the impression everybody knew what the game plan was. Can't discern what we're even trying to do under Hill atm

But he knows his onions 😏 🌰

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One factor we may be overlooking

Is the weather a factor?

Not looking to make excuses, but surely theres areason we have been this shit - other than the obvious

Even the united lad doesnt look comfortable

Its almost 50 50 possession, yet not one cross

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