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Lincoln away

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13 minutes ago, Tonge moor green jacket said:

Looking at the comments on the article in the BN- a poster named Roy Race. Surely its red Roger Dubuis off here.

Commenting on a 50 odd year old needing to grow up. Would like to see them tell the 50 odd year old in question that 🤣

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5 minutes ago, gonzo said:

Saw one comment refering to Lincoln as a peaceful cathedral town. Someone shouldve told the bloke swinging the 6ft metal pole about :D

Seemed chilled after being pumped with 50,000 volts😀


4 minutes ago, Steejay said:

See, you missed the secret bar 😉

Is that where you slipped off 

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1 minute ago, Mr Grey said:

Its that secret Gaylord went missing again, that Bemuda Triangle follows him everywhere 😁

Lost him in MCR.

Ended up upsetting PNE fans at some shitty social club.

Dancing on chairs and throwing pies about. 

Enjoy life and never grow up eh?

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8 hours ago, marple whites said:

Was ur really that bad ?
just about to get on train when called off so didn’t travel.

If it happened in any town centre at night away from football I doubt anyone wouldve been arrested. 

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