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3 hours ago, Tonge moor green jacket said:

That's rare isn't it?

Must be pretty bad.

Easing off here now.

I think so, it's right next to a river yet never hear of their games being called off. Rained non stop for ages really, I know it's been bad back home but it's flat as owt here

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2 hours ago, BOWTUN BAKED said:

I feel sorry for those that go to the rearranged game, the local constabulary & LTE aren't happy 😂

Whats gone on ? Read online about a boozer getting trashed.

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19 minutes ago, victor meldrew said:


tell the class

Of course officer! Would you like names as well?

The Jolly Boys went for a Jolly Boys swallie & were informed as they went about their bar crawl that football fans were no longer welcome & the Police were clearing out pubs & sending them back to the station.

 Thankfully we were Rugby fans 😂 & carried on drinking where we pleased

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3 hours ago, Dr Faustus said:

Right, missed it today though work lve avoided all media since starting 12.his ago.


don't tell me the score


What channel are the highlights on? 


Spoiler alert. Neither team scored a goal.

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