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Development squad played Thursday Friday night / Saturday morning, our senior pros decide they won't play v Brentford BWFC make plans for the Dev Squad to play Brentford EFL block this

Couldn’t give a flying fuck what anyone else thinks  all very noble of us playing with teens and spanking us 5-0. Everyone felt for us then fuck off. You want a result from us earn it agains

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1 minute ago, bolton va va said:

Lincolnways crying like bitches.  Not sure what it's got to do with them unless their bottles gone & they fear us catching them.........


That 1st comment - call games off when you fancy.

cover your pitch in a big tarpaulin sheet when it’s raining you massive fannies

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There's going to be some serious bitching from some League 1 clubs.

Lets hope they are in the minority & should'nt include Coventry Tranmere Ipswich Wycombe Gillingham & even Sunderland Pompey & Rochdale.

Which really only leaves Doncaster & the current relegation candidates Wimbledon Southend MK Dons & maybe Accy.

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Let the fuckers bitch, small fry clubs, some have had a free hit and are still whineing, and the rest are just pissed off they haven't had one.

By February we will be mid-table. Get them trampy Tranmere cunts to the Reebok and let's stuff by the 5 that they put past our kids.




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Fuck the tinpot whingers as others have said, there but for the grace of Shazza...

Again as others have said I was mentally prepared for at least -6 points, £100k or thereabouts fine and likely relegation, now?

It's on, my friends, it's fucking on!

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