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Keith Hill

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1 hour ago, Mounts Kipper said:

If £600 is the sort of money we’re looking to pay players we will be non league within 5 years. 

In context, that was for a 32 year old who’s  done as many cruciate ligaments in the last two years as he’s scored goals.

I’m pleased it’s Grimsby who have taken a punt on him and not us.

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I'm backing Keith Hill. It's too early for all this.  Patience is required. He could do with his PR man giving him a few lessons about staying in control in front of a microphone and advice when to ke

You’re part of the cesspit you cock. Posting pointless fucking articles having a go at our only senior goalkeeper (why he gives you the time of day is another matter) is to absolutely nobody’s be

On the strength of his work at Rochdale, I thought that Hill was a good choice, but in the position we were in, the first job of a competent manager would be to strengthen the defence & make us ha

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Lets say you pay a player X amount to get them here. We're league 2 - we go up. Then you pay some more players a bit more to compete in league one. All the time we're breaking even or making a small loss. Then after a year or 2 mid table in league one, fans get bored and stop coming. And we're making a bigger loss. Then what?

The point is that we've spent a decade spending money on the likes of Craig Conway - for at best a short shot of success followed by failure. The only signing model that's ever made sense was Sam Allardyce paying big bucks for stars who'd fallen by the way side at big clubs and rejuvenating their careers. But that model isn't possible anymore. Everything else for us has been throwing what we can't afford at players who mainly aren't good enough to stop the inevitable. In the last decade we've slowly slid down the leagues with only the league one promotion and championship survival bucking the downward trend. But even that was based on paying what we couldn't afford to sustain very short term "success".  

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Pushing 35, struggled a bit with injuries the last couple of seasons?

If we’re identifying players we’d like but also putting a realistic value on them based on a number of different criteria then I’m happy.

It’s better than paying them whatever they want plus 10pc for their agent.

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2 hours ago, Roger_Dubuis said:

It's  genuinely shocking if that wage offer is true, there will be hundreds  of   season ticket holders on a bigger wage than the players.When Tranmere were relegated to Conference surely they'd be paying their strikers 31k a year

dunno the name of that fat fcuk who playeed cb for tranmere in the conference was

but chorley enquired

york blew them out of the water offering 1k a week

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1 hour ago, Okocha10 said:

Can we all bring onions to the Portsmouth game on Saturday & pelt him with them, like Steve Bruce with the cabbage 

 Club just announced they are keen to "get on the same page as supporters " and in advance of saturday's game are selling a range of appropriate fan apparel ... 


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8 hours ago, waddy256 said:

Yup defo , lets keep chopping and changing managers and team til we land the lucky golden Rioch .

Keith, I thought you didn't do social media? Get back to your allotment and dog walking duties.

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Bit of an over reaction for me over Hill. He had to throw a team together in 1 day when he came in. He now has time to adjust it over this window with still a couple of weeks left.

I would like to see some sort of improvement from an organisation point of view etc from Feb onwards. Give us something to hang our hat on.

FWIW, I thought he was right getting rid of Chicksen too. He’s not bad going forward but a bloody awful defender. 

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